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  1. I like the new format I think. I had a bit of a double-take when the page first loaded, as if I'd gone to the wrong site, but it's pretty cool, IMHO.

    I'm still trying to figure out where the 'view last post' would be on a thread, but I'm sure that'll come to me.

    Nice job, Charles.

  2. Mounting my summers and the new tires that I had to break down and buy. F'n rear awd camber bastages!!!!

    Seems my new tires (Nitto 555's) are a smidge wider than my old ones (Yoko AVS ES100's), and I need some 5mm spacers. They don't quite rub the strut assembly when sitting still, but I'm sure heavy cornering will introduce them. Anyone have a set? :) :) :)

  3. Today... so far today. Well we got a dusting of snow this morning, and of course I just washed the pig... and put the summer wheels and tires on it, so why wouldn't it snow, right? So what I've done so far today is have a white-knuckled ride 2/3 of a mile down the street to drop my two youngest ones off at school. Then on the way back down from the school (of course I live in these hills), I slide past my street because I have no traction. Get to the bottom of the hill and do a U-turn and then slide my way up the hill, TRACS protesting the entire way. Heck, it was a chore to get back into the garage!

    Melt snow. Melt.

  4. QUOTE (matt b @ Mar 6 2009, 04:50 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Oops. What did you do ?

    I fought with the wagon some more and looked for a cliff around the house when I could push it off. Didn't find one. :(

    Wut? What's wrong with it? Not that this helps, but I find if you just nudge the car into a busy intersection, it an have the same effect as the a fore mentioned proverbial cliff.

  5. I like the one with the egg on it too. Another less conventional burger, but its surprisingly good.

    Also, you must get LOTS of their campfire sauce for the fries. It's awesome. Dammit, now I want some.

    You guys are making me hungry. I like their Bonzai burger too. Messy, yet satisfying. I also like their pulled pork sandwich.

  6. Are you serious?? That's some bull shit right there...

    I'm totally serious. I'm sure that I shouldn't have gotten out of the car but I was thinking that the deputy was there to help out. Ha, was I wrong! I know a lot of cops and I'll have to run this thing by them and see what they think.

  7. GD Dougl-ASS County Sheriff's dept! I was taking my daughter to her dance school this afternoon, minding every traffic law, and merging onto the main road going through town. Before I can merge, I blow an IC hose ($(@)%{:content:}amp;!@#(*{:content:}amp;!@*(#$@#!!!!) and realize that I don't have enough power to merge. So, I hit the hazards and roll on through the end of the merge section, which turns into an 'only' lane... trying to be safe. Boom... Sheriff's squad-car is on my butt before I can even blink, lights flashing. I'm thinking, "Wow, how nice... he realized that I was having some kind of mechanical issue and is here to help."

    So, I make a turn onto the next street (which this 'only' lane is for) and pull over safely... pop the hood and get out. Officer gets out and I say, "Oh great thanks for helping me out, my car is stalling on me." Deputy Dawg has his hand on his piece and says, 'Get back in the car... I'm not in the mood to get shot at today." WTF??? Me in my DISNEYLAND SWEATSHIRT, looking so menacing... So of course I comply. Far be it from me to invite this guy to work out whatever issue he's having today, on me. However I did mention to him that I was "having a mechanical problem and that's why I didn't merge. Possibly he could assist me." He ignores this, blinks and...

    He has me give him my lic, reg and insurance card... and then goes back to his squad. For no joke, 13minutes. Maybe he was playing WOW or something back there or watching beastiality porn videos, I don't know. He comes back and says that he's going to sight me for an expired insurance card (happens that it expired YESTERDAY, and I didn't grab the new one off the desk). Mandatory court appearance. What?

    I say, "Well uhh, thank you for that. Did you not hear me that I said that I was having a mechanical issue?" He says, "Well if that was true, why did you roll through that merge lane, then blow the entrance to the only lane?" "Did you see that I had my hazards on, sir?" I asked. "Yes, I don't really care why you had your hazards on... have a nice day."

    And he leaves me, technically disabled on the side of the road! So here I am, court date for BS, loose IC hose (and lacking the 11mm wrench to fix it...) and Mr. Serve and Protect drives off! I had to limp the car to the dance studio, and then limp the car home, keeping the revs up so that it wouldn't stall out, SOB!!! Seriously tempted to write his supervisor a letter...

  8. 50% efficiency, I don't think you'd cut it as a tech :(

    Nope, good thing that this isn't my day job! Reid, no it didn't solve the CEL, or the miss in various cylinders. Still getting O2 sensor codes. Idle is a bit 'iffy' when cold, and it feels like low vac when I back out of the garage with the thing, meaning the brakes feel sluggish. Grrrr. Everything's great when the rig's warmed up though.