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  1. Break-even point for NS exploration is about $40/bbl, so they're cashing in bigtime right now.
  2. BAHAHA!! Gold star for Johann!
  3. Oh, I was reading it as sarcasm. Silly me and my over-caffienated state.
  4. Actually, it could be a valid argument. There are a number of sites that you may need to access for work that require java to properly use.
  5. Stop talking dirty about me. <warns you>
  6. 2200 Eastern is 10pm Eastern... 7pm for you West coasters, 6pm for me. I'll try and be there, but that's about when I plan on cutting into a nice fillet mignon w/the missus. :)
  7. You just have to ask yourself, "Is it enforced?" :rolleyes:
  8. Will that work with the stock ECU, Greg? Great to hear you're getting more sponsors on board, Charles! Makes me think a P2-based R is in the cards for me yet, some day.
  9. Sure, WuhTuhFfff sounds idiotic when you say it outloud (cue SNL skit), but it really has always driven me batty that benign acronyms such as 'i-i-r-c' are then spelled out by the filter. I know I know, it helps the uneducated drones understand the syntax, but it just bugs me and seems like a waste of time for someone to put that information into the filter in the first place. I don't think a PG-rating will detract from VS.
  10. Leather. You won't be going anywhere but where you point the car w/the PP seat. Can it accomodate a 5-pt harness or is that a bit to restraining?
  11. That recipe sounds good. May have to try that... sometime when the females are not in the house.
  12. What is "bean hotdish?" Darned right the Canadian-American anymocity is real. Everyone's seen 'Candian Bacon,' right? ;)
  13. ... 3. Not acting like a child most of the time. 4. Positive contributor (content) to site 5. Looks out for best interest of members
  14. Matt voted for himself, I suspect? No peeking while I vote! :blink: