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  1. Friggin' wow dude! Did you ever get any updated numbers with higher boost?
  2. is back from the dead - working on the C70 again, finally!

  3. Hey man, how's it going? You end up getting those cams ever?

  4. Ya mon. I started working on the orange siht box again mon. I still have those rods for you if you need them. Maybe I'll bring my 2.0T to one of these meets if the C70 is still garbage - it's nice.


  5. lextildeath


  6. Sounds literally like jumping jacks and you get an extreme loss of power. Any way I have 5 fresh OEM rods from my new motor unharmed I can just give them to you if you wanna save money and go OEM.
  7. lextildeath


    1998 Saffron Pearl C70 HPT
  8. WOW! What a gorgeous creation that is. That thing sounds so crazy. I say do it, but you see in the dyno that the exhaust manifold got red hot, so you must do something with cooling and back pressure. Cool sh!t though.
  9. But, 600AWHP is not ALL turbo. There is an engine on there too. For example, my 18T makes roughly 300WHP on my car @ 20 PSI. But if you put a turbo kit consisting of my 18T on a Ferrari Enzo, It would be over 600WHP even on 5 PSI. I recently boosted 22 PSI => 20 PSI from MBC by stretching spring + WG rod shortened 3 times. I bent a rod and 5 hydraulic lifters AS SOON as I did this. Not cool. BUT, my timing was also advanced and it could have helped bend them. Be safe guys. Instead of getting another 20 (twenty) WHP on your car, thus bending a rod and lifters, just lighten your car by 2
  10. Hey, am I the only one who boosts 17-18 PSI in every single gear??? I have a dawes that is set up about 4 inches from the turbo and waste gate. Maybe it is the boost controller design itself.