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  1. Lookin nice Mike, whered you get those mirror caps??
  2. Its a little quieter on the outside, but still sounds great. And the inside has almost zero drone compared to a bunch...ill take some pictures I dont have the part numbers
  3. Got the race series mufflers replaced with street series, made a WORLD of difference
  4. Bah. Lets see your truck kevin, its about time
  5. I think im gonna change my name back as soon as the 30 days are up...I already did it twice :(
  6. I changed mine to Kysh...Kycia is my last name, and everyone calls me Kysh. You say it how its spelled.
  7. Nice, I want to get mine like mirrors, lots of time though. Keep the 16T , and put a super 60 wheel in it. I'm getting a 3in downpipe made on april 16th at Karns Automotive Center in Groton , CT. The price is 400 bucks, and the quality is as good as CJ's....from what I see in the pictures.
  8. Looks great mike. What were you using on the cam covers to polish?
  9. This is gonna be so nice :tup:
  10. Same here...i've learned pretty much everything I know about volvos from this site..and I plan on continuing that. Thanks :tup:
  11. ....Jesus. Looks sick mark :tup:
  12.'re an idiot. Maybe if you had an idea about what was going on around here , you would realize kevin wasnt around to change it..and look now. You're the only one putting up the fight an 8 year old would over something so simple. BOO HOO.
  13. Good one, I haven't even started on my sig :monkey: