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  1. Wow, if I saw that happen to my car... My fists and someone's face would be really really sore..
  2. Nice and dirty from a 300+ mile day. Can I fail a little harder?
  3. Enough dick wagging in here. Post pics of cars please, like so.
  4. Don't you guys in the Virginias say warshed? Nice waggy. Such a typical question, but are you going to attempt the XC grill swap?
  5. Hey now, since you and Joe have your racks on, do I have to put mine on? :lol:
  6. Yup that's her. I forgot that you were there! She's still a cali car at heart, you know.
  7. Mmmmm hmmmmm Yeah yeah, it's already lowered 1.5" I'll save the laundry list for another time.
  8. If you had Gabe's car, you might actually drive it faster than five below the limit. He's such a grandma. :lol:
  9. Jon, the lights are fun. Hell, if you make it up to MMVII next year it'll be perfect mood lighting around the car corral, think of it as a night light for the sleeping Volvos. :P
  10. Greatest color ever! I would love to have this color on my V70R. This 850 is just flipping hot!
  11. yowut? la deuxième partie