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  1. nah, i'll rock it oldschool with the cable loops. it's having a slight headshake which just means i need to retrue the wheel because it is stressed out now.
  2. just added a new friend to the ranks, so here goes it. old jerk univega, fits me perfectly (55cm), bought for $60, and i've already put a decent chunk into it for new tires, drivetrain, brake and shifter cables, brake shoes, and grips. next of the list is a new seat, something a little more modern. first impression, what a piece of crap (covered in cobwebs with a good bit of rust). now, what a fast ride! more pics, :)
  3. QUOTE(matt b @ Aug 2 2007, 10:17 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If you can. find a Litespeed: titanium is by far the best material I have ridden. I've done carbon, steel, aluminum and titanium and I love ti.dude i eat top ramen.
  4. sweet! now only to post whore the last few i got left! bwahahahaha!
  5. sup pras?? greg, if you're gonna powdercoat em, color match to the body. if not. polishhhhhh.
  6. oooo, shiney nira box. when you think it'll run? couple weeks?
  7. i try. NOT. awesome. you send that oink invite yet :D
  8. ugh. chuck just made it able to mass mail pm's. by creating a pm and giving a recipient, it can also be CarbonCopied (the exact same msg) to other members.a good, logistical use of this feature would be for a groupbuy organizer (also known as a gestapo, dictator, and overall god) to send a pm to his Gb participents without having to send a pm to each and everyone of them. it's a time saver and not much more. although in the buisness world you will see it a lot if you're working with another coworker. You two would normally CC the boss every email pertaining to the project you are both working on to keep the boss in the loop. get it?
  9. hahaha, that already happened once. (+1) i need to get my supporting membership back, i miss the R forum....
  10. haha, props for the sticker i doubt he will care. at most he'll delete em or move them somewhere else.
  11. huh? you don't mean that yellow wagon, do you?
  12. Carson doesn't know anything... but we already knew that, didn't we.
  13. oh. that's right. you're canadian jk.
  14. holy stuff. nice job mark, first US Nira'd volvo?!
  15. I would personally love to see a higher performance subsection, almost an "advanced tuning" or "advanced performance" section that can be devoted to engine build questions, standalone options/tuning, non stock turbo questions and upgrades that aren't really related to stage-0 items. It's not like i disvalue the performance section as it currently is, i would just think that the more technical threads can be catagorized in another section as so they are not flooded out by "what spark plug wires should i get?" threads. Now if that can actually become a reality i'll give some more suggestions about how to differentiate advanced from regular, but for now i'll let it rest Thanks a lot Chuck, especially for creating this site and allowing us members to further the aftermarket volvo scene (here and there ) as a community. I am sure i can speak for most of the community by saying that.
  16. badass. what's the fix is planned?
  17. 10 days, what's hte progress slacker?
  18. jeez, change your oil, it's black! that sucks about the rod tho, rebuild, improve.
  19. good god that IS rediculously tight.
  20. very very nice mark, it's amazing how it seems like its an oem fit with those intercooler pipes. do you have a pic looking straight down at where the pipe goes behind the radiator? how much clearance you have (or lackthereof) might want to check that lower radiator clamp tho :P