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  1. Picked this up to have a backup body. Going to start getting serious into photo/video... I think. Plus, I wanted to play with it.
  2. Speaking of golf: Picked up this used, and the grooves are still sharp!
  3. I've never seen it. Sandisk's website only has the Class 2 listed, and Panasonic only has a 4gb microSD as the largest card on their website. From what I know, Sandisk is the only manufacturer currently making 32GB MicroSDHC cards, and they're all class 2
  4. Listed at $99 on VZW's website. They had it up for $49.99 for a few hours, and I got in on that price. I should receive it on Tuesday Do they make any 32GB microSD card other than Class 2?
  5. for my Rooted HTC Incredible. Booya 40GB storage on a frickin phone.
  6. New ThinkPad T500. Suhhhwweeeet! Haven't bought a new laptop in 7 years. This ones definitely a treat. I only wish it came with an Ultra High Res LED screen... but alas noone makes WSXGA+ 15.4" LED screens for laptops. :(
  7. ME tooo!! I love this app! My Element read 0-60 of 9.02 seconds and 151 WHP, compared to Motorweek's stock 9.3. I added a CAI and catback. Now, to wait for the bus to return and run some numbers. I wonder how accurate this app really is.
  8. Thanks, mang. Yeah, I was messing around with the depth of field on that one. Was focusing on the pole not expecting them to make a face, but then they reacted to some story my friend was telling. Caught it at the perfect time, but the wrong compositional idea in my mind.
  9. I'm in love with my 35 f1.4 L And.. the fisheye is fun, too! With my 70-200 f2.8 IS L
  10. Tiffen is not worth it. Return them if you can, cause they're more likely to flare and ghost your images. Stick with Hoya UV(0) or B+W MRC if you're going to put something on the lens. There are better, more expensive filters out there, but for the cost Hoya and B+W will give you the best "value" (if you want to call it that).
  11. Those Sidi's look like my Adidas Carbon Pros.
  12. :ph34r: 50/1.4 and 28/1.8 to be up for sale if I end up keeping this.
  13. 1 of these 2 of these Had the P1 system and sold them to get these. SUHWEEET
  14. The political ones are hilarious!
  15. The Canon 10-22 I had produced georgous photos. Would have kept it if I didn't have to modify it to work on my 1D, so definitely no go on the 10-20 Sig. That said, I'm happy to switch over to the Tokina 11-16 cause it's a constant f2.8 aperture, with sharp center AND corners. It's like 5 prime lenses in one, and MUCH cheaper than the 14/f2.8L
  16. Awww yeah... to compliment my 1D MKIII Tokina 11-16/f2.8 Sold my Canon 10-22 to pick this bad boy up.
  17. Not bad. Decent glass from Nikon = $$$ Sure you don't want to go the Canon route?
  18. AWWWWW YEAH!!! I really shouldn't be spending money, but I sold much of my camera gear to fund most of this. PSYCHED!