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  1. Don't drive it much anymore since the valve stem seals are really shot! But drove it to class the other night and fell in love again when I walked out and saw it!
  2. thanks! lol it was a quick shot, hopefully once the blue stops acting up ill get better pics.
  3. sitting dirty.... seriously its really dirty! since the last pics it is now registered and legal, has Porsche BBK, Snabb intake hard pipe, and eurosport tuning intake.
  4. yes it is his old car, and it has taken a ton of work just to get it this far. im happy with it right now and im just waiting to find time to paint it. and yea very excited i was able to save a T-5R from the junk yard! mike
  5. was finally able to install my rear bumper after a few trips to the JY. plus i had some experts watching me to make sure i did everything right. mike
  6. How do people find them? I have owned 3 and haven't even seen one! Mike
  7. got home from work and decided to take this pic! mike
  8. yea i needed to take a quick break, i just love the way they look and the feel of them. mike
  9. just a couple yellows! mike
  10. crappy phone pic, took this after i "cleaned" the garage so she can sleep in doors until i get back from RIMPAC. mike
  11. going out to get sushi for me and my girl now!!!! soo good i cant wait mike