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  1. ajhehr

    Eriks 850

    manifold is at 20%, the same as the intake port. runners are the same length as nicks. long(er) runners on the way...
  2. whatever the reason. whatever the case, bush makes himself out as a joke, I truly hope that what that man says is not how he thinks... I am looking forward to the last day "shenanigans" of this office. think there are going to be any pardons?
  3. ajhehr

    Project Pras

    dosnt look like we are going to have that kind of time with the car:(
  4. ajhehr

    Project Pras

    nope. not me. pras is going home tomarow. his car is still at my shop, getting the last couple details painted, oil change ect.
  5. ajhehr

    Project Pras

    its pras' tail to tell.
  6. ajhehr

    Project Pras

    it lives... m%$^#@& f##*%(# W&^$#
  7. ajhehr

    Project Pras

    same flywheel he showed up driving with...
  8. ajhehr

    Project Pras

    its hot (12v)but the crank doesnt apear to be sending a signal asain??? because of the wheels? thats racial profiling man... that aint cool
  9. ajhehr

    Project Pras

    who's his or mine?
  10. ajhehr

    Project Pras

    dosnt matter... you can call them frank if you want to,,, stole some out of a doner block and everything went like cake... mmmmm cake.... off to bed. Btown should be posting up pics in a couple days...
  11. ajhehr

    Project Pras

    yea poped radiator foe sure new one ll be in thursday, but Ill be working on pras' firetruck. BUT in the meantime minell drive i think... BTW jon is pressureing me to get both cars done by friday... for a eurocar meet.
  12. ajhehr

    Project Pras

    NOT FOR SALE NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!! NOT FOR SALE!!!! NOT!!! NADA!!! NO HOW!!!!
  13. ajhehr

    Project Pras

    DUDe will you call me back allready!!!!i need you here with me...really where are you?call me. thanks for that!are you comming down for the cars unvailing?need some pics and vids.