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  1. Looks good. I just did an SRT and TB on my 226 Canik TP9 SA is like $300 or $400 you know and its a great 9mm, but its full size. If you want a compact the sig 320 is pretty good too.
  2. Johnson gets my best pick. Although he blew it with vietnam, his domestic policies were his strong point. FDR/Kennedy are tied for the worst. FDR's bad foreign policies were a catalyst for Japan's decision to attack us in WWII. Kennedy blew the bay of pigs and signed deals with the then soviet union that seriously inhibited the US in Europe.
  3. heh nice, I've been playing around with different clock speeds so far its most stable with a higher multiplier. Though I'm getting closer to having it stable with a 210mhz fsb. It passes ~15 mins of prim95 but runs into memory issues for periods of time longer. Now its simply a matter of changing the timing on the RAM.
  4. Just read this for the millionth time. I wish I was just half as competent as you. Great build. I am super jealous.
  5. Nah your not alone. I'm rockin a single core amd with windows xp sp3 still. I want to go to win7 cos thats what I use at my office but I am gonna go for a quad core build soon. It's so hard to work up the motivation to "upgrade" when I power on and get to my desktop in ~40 seconds.
  6. It's pretty good, but its a beta and there is alot wrong with it. So far I dislike how they changed the physics to the warthog AGAIN... also the banshee is an utter mess to fly now it sucks so bad it shouldn't be able to fly, coupled with how locked down the ceilings are to the maps its in... horrible. Also the fact you have to switch between fuel rod and plasma cannon is kinda stupid too. I also don't know if I like it taking multiple grenades to take out the warthog ( I can understand it for a tank though) There also needs to be more weapons to pick up on the levels too. I think a really coo
  7. You ate at McDonald's how could you expect flavor, good taste, and or enjoyment? IMO steakhouse from BK is way better then anything McDonalds
  8. Indeed, sometimes it just takes another pair of eyes I guess.
  9. Yup there is definitely a greater issue there. Its difficult to tell what it could be though....
  10. ah yes thank you digg
  11. what about changing the fuel load % not the table values or would that not help the areas that are rich as all hell?. Looking over the maps they seem in good order and as I currently understand things I couldn't recommend anything else