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  1. I haven't flashed it or anything. This was just doing a/c conversion then putting ion the ecu to make sure everything works.
  2. Yeah it is fine with the 4.3 ecu. Just the 4.4 ecu.
  3. Looks like that's gone. Anyway yeah this thread is massive so it's really hard to find the info now. Even with google. Anyway anyone have any thoughts on that idle issue? The idle not seeming to compensate for the a/c being on.
  4. Mine isn't in the greatest shape thanks to the PO but I'm happy to have it. Wouldn't mind having a yellow wagon though. Well this guy summed up what I've seen at the parts store with their scanners. The OBD II works perfect all the time, but Volvo used a non standard OBD II pin layout and non standard protocolls. Most scanners can't work with that and either don't see fault codes or are unable to access modules.
  5. I have one of those yellow 95 T-5Rs. I guess my reputation from the facebook group precedes me. (ps I maintain a higher level of professionalism on forums than I do fb. I also haven't told anyone to crush it in months.)
  6. The OBD connector is different from one in a 95 850? Is there a wiring diagram/pin out/ directions for it?
  7. Holy jeebus I have been on here in a long and and this thread is huge. Also my profile has over 3000 views? Wow ok. Anyways this thread is just too long to read but I read the wikia and did the 4.4 conversion for my 95 T-5R. It seems that everything is working fine the only thing is the idle correction with the a/c doesn't seem to be working. I wired the resistor to the correct pins and triple checked it. Maybe not a large enough resistor? Anyone else have the same problem? Also since I put a 97 ecu in a 95 does the OBD1 still work or is it all through the obd2 now? Does the obd2 work better than it did before when I go to autozone and get the codes pulled? (before when I compared to obd1 codes not all codes were there or would give weird/wrong codes different from the obd1)
  8. I should be sleeping... but I cant stop playing
  9. if tbrix is down i sup[pose i could go and actually work on my cars
  10. is this where the fun is? :blink:
  11. yeah im down to 1 post not that i had many anyways but yeah
  12. can I get a wallpaper sized version of this shot?