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  1. i guess the classifieds on swedespeed.com are gonna be busy. any rules against posting items for sale in our signature?
  2. drin850


  3. were lucky that cops dont pay too much attention to our volvo's. but the whole thing where " im gonna crush ur car if its slightly modded" was probably said to scare everyone, cause theres no way in hell that would hold up in court.
  4. yea that law has been around for a while, i remember they made an example out of 2 civics a few years ago by crushing them. but now they claim that even if ur driving the speed limit but ur car looks "modified for street racing", they'll take it anyway and wreck it.
  5. whoa another member from the GTA.....looks like were gonna need a meet soon. Wheels look awesome by the way! much better then before
  6. Could you share with us where exactly u put those horns??? i would actualy be happy to drive in the rain...
  7. little off-topic but...... can u run a s60R intake mani????