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  1. I'm only back to ensure somebody bought Kevin a Rambone for Xmas that is all
  2. I called Blac Chyna something that i shouldn't have, so i got kicked out of the circle.
  3. Wow, that's sad. I haven't see Aaron on the nightly news crashing his Acura into a McDonalds due to him being shithoused. Bummer on on both fronts
  4. Is Kevin still married or engaged or dating his sister, or whatever he calls it?
  5. Somebody give me the rundown of what I've missed in the last year or so being off VS Kevin being a ramboner is a given
  6. i think the non turbo didnt have tracs. might be wrong though
  7. anybody parting out a T5-r or a 95 turbo? i need a ABS ECU and the control module it clips into (the main unit, not sure what its officially called). pretty sure its specific to 95 and at least a turbo. let me know thanks in advance guys, look forward to seeing a bunch of you soon!
  8. you made everybody mad! hope you're doing well. Amy SoCal visits planned soon?