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  1. I've downloaded all the files off the wiki and tried them to no avail.
  2. I'm having problems getting my M4.4 ECU to datalog on my vehicle. I can flash and connect to the ECU from my computer, but for some reason not connect to datalog. Any pointers would be helpful. I've been working on this car forever and would finally like to get it finished before my 911 is finished being turned into a 3.8 liter.
  3. This is how it looked when i bought the car. The car is currently ripped apart waiting for stage zero parts and some other stuff to arrive from ipd and fcp euro.
  4. well well well seems im the drunk of the night. been drink since an early 8 am at the beach condo and its for bed. def missing the volvo that was taken from me almost a year ago. sucks to not be a supporting member anymore. evan
  5. move monkeyed up thean eanyone has evr posted in thies damn forum. volvo for lifef fycjed up off more than you know
  6. Good guy to deal with on a 850 CD/Radio player, it still works after almost a year. Thanks.

  7. its a good idea as long as it doesnt get out of hand
  8. lol i guess that means your going to be needing some traps and guns. guns ftw
  9. damn your car is going to be some peoples dream cars here. best of luck with the installs and everything.
  10. thanks for everything chuck
  11. is anybody planning on meeting at eric's around 5:30-6:00?
  12. should be nice to see some new faces. eric anything you want us to bring food wise. beer is a given
  13. is there a estimate on how many people are going to be showing up.