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  1. thanks man, good info and background. GO SWEDEN !
  2. Boosted5cyl


    Da schizznikks
  3. yes very true. but what can you do , people promise stuff and dont deliver, you cant be everywhere holding guys hands to do the stuff all at once ya know ! ?
  4. Dude SO sorry you have my luck too ! My ECU is screwed up, no DP yet and FEDEX took 2 days to deliver my ECU when I paid for it overnight 10:30AM and now I have to wait a week for my $55 back and it got there 2 days later !!!!!!!!!!!!. THEN I need a refund/credit from since they screwed me on my turbo pricing, oh, oh then my car almost catches on fire Monday using some shitty heat wrap on my exhaust to cover the gap between the angled flange turbo and the straight flanged DP, so gotta take whats left of that back, WTF you know, I've learned a lot going through this and realize when you deal with custom work, fabricators, etc especially when you have to pay up front, they got you by the balls and your left with nothing else to do BUT wait, retarded. NOT customer service by any means ? Atleast I'm not the only sole going through it, best of luck Pras, if you have any leftover bullets hit me up !
  5. yeah PA aint doing bad at all, Ol' Virginia's sorta weak but we're close enough to PA !
  6. cool coo, I was jammin to it figured I'd see a track title or something during the video but it's cool, nice 40, further along than me !! take it light....
  7. what song/tunes was that in the background xciteS40?
  8. I didn't get to watch to much of it, the Daytona prototypes get all the coverage mostly ya know, and it's hard to pole through the GT class since they're deemed slower and less important some how ~ that sucks though, how'd Atspeed's Porsche do ? Atleast an Audi didn't win. Didn't know GM ran a GXP-R either, pretty sweet lookin.
  9. Yeah really dude, I'd be FN livid, they obviously are suffering from PPCS or Piss Poor Customer Service. This disease seems to be striking everywhere these days, people take your money and treat you like a dayum hitch hiker from the side of the road, get to you when they can IF they get back to you at all and then IF you so lucky as to get an explanation it's another heeping cup of bull$hit ~ I hope you wear their a$$e$ out man and get every dime back and then some, service lacks everywhere but blantant abuse of a guys car and misrepresentation as a whole are unacceptable and I wouldn't piss on Evolve if they were on fire. get um dawg and best of luck !
  10. Hey Im trying to get to be a Supp. Memeber dude, thanks for you effort and work dude I appreciate it all ~
  11. dayum saffron guys ~ Nice R man, looks real clean and nice man, I'll be creepin on your mods too btw !
  12. ok, easy on the wheel retard k, my badd ! It's cool I know 5x108 is it and ONLY it so it's understood. I'll read u p more and ask around for what's fo sale, thanks peeps. oh and no prob Ffishing3, good luck searching.
  13. ok flyfishing3, my existings are 205/55/16s only 3-4k on um.
  14. ok so I need to stick to 40mm offset or give or take a few mm, like 37-42 or so and keep the 5x108 bolt pattern which cannot be any different? and keep it the same width, 7in. correct ? Im looking at like and the like. haven't looked round here in the FOR SALEs yet. can't get adapters $$ tight already !