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  1. plaid with the ride height a bit, lowered an extra inch all around, tucking a bit of rubber on all fours.... alignment done and all, car drive great except there is a weird mellow vibration at WOT now, I'm assuming my axeles are not liking the angle they are at now.... may drive it like this for a few weeks and crank the front back up a bit... any thoughts on that vibration?
  2. Drifting to work #fortheendoftheworld
  3. looking forward to seeing this thing in person and meeting some of you guys. See you next week!
  4. sick! sounds alot like my car actually!
  5. awesome pics, that tranny is... tinny! lol
  6. T5shortblock

    Eriks 850

    Loving the manifold
  7. COP ftw!! Nice work!! We need sound clips!!!!!
  8. title says no car! my buddies KTM 450EXCR