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  1. Hi! it's been ages since I've posted and needed to post on VS again! I miss you.
  2. Happy new year too all my friends!

  3. Car show day! Car show day! #Fixxfest day! day after my birthday! Its like a super sweet present! Just got air in the tires, gas in the tank and going to wash off the high spots than its down to Bradenton!

  4. Volvo repair in the dark is fun at 8pm. But I want to get my car back on the road for #fixxfest #fixxfestprep

  5. cleens tattoo looks like Dr. Zeus from planet of the apes.

  6. That awkward moment, when you smack yourself in the balls while putting on socks. Ouch..

  7. lol bob's burgers.. #THEWALKINGDEAD.

  8. Left to right, Blake, Parker, Travis and William

  9. Grabbing some burgers for the family

  10. USF football on ESPN. Let's go Bulls

  11. Customer appreciation night provided by dr. Silver dentistry

  12. Redzone is for football fans with A.D.D... I love it!