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  1. Unfortunately I missed this event for a variety of reasons :-( I hope it was a good turnout and that you guys post up some pics!
  2. Well now it's really up in the air as to whether or not I'll be there...I'd really like to go though. Hopefully I'll see you guys there.
  3. I'm gonna be there....it's 3.5 hours away though so I prob won't arrive til 10.
  4. that is sick dude, how's acceleration?
  5. How much for the center caps? I'm in Burlington, so we could skip shipping. Glad to see another VTer on VS.
  6. jcosmide

    Volvo V70

    Volvo V70
  7. Banks and I just finished putting in my 5400K's.....ridiculous, HID's are worth the hype nd the $.
  8. I mean they do watch that stuff like a hawk because of the construction... Esp if anyone's drinking, I don't know about MHS.
  9. So it'll be at Laurel Acres Park in Mt. Laurel. Yorktown Drive & S. Church is the intersection; VS won't let me put the map in this post. Local people try to figure out where we can cruise to. And we should figure out food and stuff.
  10. Which place, Strawbridge Lake?
  11. It's looking like either Strawbridge Lake (no people, no pavement, no grilles, no tables) -OR- Laurel Acres in Mt. Laurel (lots of people, tables, pavement, grilles) They're about 3 minutes away from each other; you guys decide.
  12. Stil looking for a location. Problem with Strawbridge Lake is no grill. Any ideas, Tom?
  13. Tom, think about how much of the mang you'd be if I saw you driving down main street in Kevin's wagon.
  14. like, really? btw, i'm about to have a v70 present for you.