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  1. Cheers! ( dam Hawks suck )
  2. You know Chuck, if your going to force us to use the auction section you could at least leave up the for sale section so we could copy stuff over to the new site.
  3. George, you kicked butt on your first auto x ? You got skills! :)
  4. 9 people. I thought it was a nice quick meet, should have more!
  5. Its not going to hurt to try it, the knock sensor and ECU will save you butt if there is a prob.
  6. That is one piece of beautiful fabrication! But why cant they engineer the correct length front dampners? Kind of ruins the whole thing :angry:
  7. If YOUR that paranoid, might as well not even get out of bed! :D
  8. Boy I hope so,... Starting to wonder about that guy! ;)
  9. Check out that driving position, seat back, straight wrist. Shes HOT! Also in the 1st post picture, look at the angle of the wing! Christ, might as well mount a 4x8 sheet of plywood on there. <_<
  10. Mike, have you given any thought to using some kind of steel block "girdle"? This might help stabilize the bottom end, but not sure if it will help with the cylinder movement. PS, I love the crazy stuff you guys experiment with!
  11. What are you new? A properly machined steel block would be a great deal stronger, however the added weight and cost might not be worth it. :)
  12. Pushing a shock in and out by hand means nothing (especially in your example)! Probably the most you can tell by hand is if you have a completly blown shock! The multiple valving systems in most good shocks take a little more force and velocity to open and close than your "hand" can provide. :)