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  1. Border tax will never get through. now, they will try to hype the market with shifting focus on tax cut. Market will shit to bed soon if any hint that thing will never materialize. all the trump hype about to end soon. We are only 2 months in. LOL
  2. Mexican kids probably shake him down for lunch money when he was younger.
  3. I'm all prewire for cat5e. I can run either POE or with actual 120v electrical plug. I can buy any individual cameras but just don't know what Network recorder system can integrated with the ease compatibility for them. That is my struggle to figure it out. Or I can bite the bullet and buy one of those premade system from Costco.
  4. Does anybody have a recommendation for a surveillance system with hardrive for POE setup? came across a old thread on google search and the best answer was to piece together a set from alienexpress. I was thinking of Qsee but then that thread was frown upon the brand among others such as lorex. just needing 4 cameras setup.
  5. Nobody will laugh when trump playing nuke war games with china and n Korea. Nobody win in any war.
  6. Huntsman from Utah? his daughters get my vote any day
  7. you are are not living in a 3rd world country under communist regime. Tell me how you as a Caucasian person is being scared as trump being POTUS. i didn't vote or want him to be one but that will NOT prevent how i will live my life for next 4 years. Last I checked, USA is filled with a bunch of white privileged kids who doesn't have a clue what freedom and entitlement really meant. If they spend all of their energy on rioting across the country put to good use for many other noble cause then the America can be great again.
  8. Why isn't all states offer ballot by mail. I been voting for both local and presidential election via ballot by mail since college. Never had to step into any voting booth or know what it is look like.
  9. How many military service man/women did Bush Jr killed by invading Iraq ? We won't need to even list civilian casualties since it will be too much for you to comprehends. Did Trump sniff some coke before the debate last night
  10. Bill Clinton is smarter than many had given him credit for.