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  1. Under 2 should be free to fly
  2. How many military service man/women did Bush Jr killed by invading Iraq ? We won't need to even list civilian casualties since it will be too much for you to comprehends. Did Trump sniff some coke before the debate last night
  3. Bill Clinton is smarter than many had given him credit for.
  4. You still alive? Thought this site being run by a pizza boy
  5. I always wonder how the hell people can maintained modified cars in Kalifornia. On a good note, you guys get good tax credit on BEV. Time to put down reservation for the Model 3.
  6. Something we all can agreed on.
  7. Well, who are to say what Elon musk believe is not true. Can anyone disprove it ?
  8. Most uneducated people will vote for Trump. They are buying into the false believe that he can make America great again. What they don't know is trump has bankrupt 4 times. Trump business for scamming and defraud people of money is being sued (trump university). If you want this loud mouth angry kid to be your potus then vote away. im back mother f. Fatso can wave his E-dick only for so long.
  9. Adam love having penis breath.
  10. And you are a tool
  11. This would be a straw man argument if because faith is need for believing in religion so then in order to believe mocelular scale, then it is the same principle. One is science where it can be proven right or wrong. It can show whether it exist or not. other side of argument for religion is speculation. It is like I think my biotech stock will get fda approval based on my research so it must be right and it is the truth to dump my money into it.
  12. Trump clinched nomination. God help us all
  13. As I have mention previously, the one word resonance with believing in religion is *faith*. Just take Jesus words and the bible as the whole truth and nothing but the truth. you seem to be lacking in this important criteria there Erik
  14. Seem like the BMW genius is not doing their expected job. Too bad Kevin can't work everywhere. The lawsuit was filed in California by some owners of the BMW i3 REx, i.e. the version that's equipped with a gas-powered "range extender," according to Green Car Reports. The issue is that, when the car's battery starts running low and the powertrain is subjected to extended stress, such as a long uphill highway stretch or a fully loaded vehicle, the car can slow from highway speeds to as slow as 45 miles per hour without warning. The claim states that the vehicle can post a danger as a result, while BMW has declined comment, citing pending litigation.Meanwhile, Tom Moloughney, owner of the first BMW i3 REx to be sold in the US, says the problem might rest at the dealership level. Moloughney says that if dealers explained the car's mechanics better – especially the fact that the range extender is essentially a 34-horsepower, two-cylinder motorcycle engine whose power is limited – drivers would be better informed about what could happen when the battery power is sapped at highway speeds. While Tesla EVs don't have the same sort of REx powertrain, this argument nicely dovetails with what Tesla Motors has been saying for a long time, that its cars should only be sold at company-owned stores because third-party dealers are less likely to understand and explain the nuances of electric vehicles.
  15. Nice ride. You will love it.