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  1. Politics On Politics.

    I will answer question B. it is the mentality of the mainstream population that everyone entitle to have all the right they feel like it. Well, I don't feel like being man today so I will use the women restroom. By golly, I have my right to do that. oh, please call me kaitlynn because I don't go by Bruce anymore
  2. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    "Ted Cruz taps a running mate, Carly Fiorina, in unusual gambit" Cruz supporter Jim McAdams, who was wearing a homemade "Ted Cruz 16" shirt to the announcement event in Indianapolis, predicted the Fiorina pick would generate badly needed momentum. But the 74-year-old retired mechanical engineer conceded that Cruz is a longshot at this point. "The only way he's going to get in office is divine intervention," McAdams said. "We pray for his campaign every day." Above quote from one of this support at a rally is pretty much sum it up for Cruz.
  3. Off Topic: The Thread

    I agreed on most part. Elon M stated that Tesla battery packs will be something like 99.5 % recyclable. Gigs factory is Self sustaining power from wind and solar. Regarding wind as energy source. Not only are federal wind subsidies a colossal waste of money and detrimental to the economy, but they subsidize an industry that is actually harmful to the environment. The alleged goal of incentivizing “green energy” industries is to help protect the environment, but with wind energy comes a slew of environmental problems. For example, it is estimated that wind turbines in the U.S. kill up to 328,000 birds annually, and, last year alone, wind turbines killed 600,000 bats. What’s more, the amount of land needed for wind farms to be effective is staggering. For New York City to be powered by wind alone, every square meter of Connecticut would need to become a wind farm. For example, we cannot control when or how much the wind blows, and it just so happens that it tends to blow when we need it least. On average, wind energy facilities operate at just 30 percent of their capacity and must be backed up by more reliable forms of energy such as natural gas In short, there isn't one perfect solution to energy issue. It take a lot electricity to refine the crude oil that millions of ICE car currently need. Tell that to China. But if nobody is taking action toward making a small change, there won't be any difference. Just like tossing a starfish on the sandy beach, at least that one will survive another day.
  4. Off Topic: The Thread

    Are you saying using solar to power your home is not making a difference? Isn't using less from the grid or toward net zero is making a difference. the best is more people telecommute or work from home. I been doing that for the since 2012. Hydrogen is 3x more inefficient compare to electric vehicles
  5. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    I'm gonna have to vote for sanders now. Rich kids will benefit more from free college tuitions plan by Bernie.
  6. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    For some people, reading can be difficulty but rather easy to attack someone else grammar. That was my original intend on linking the article.
  7. Off Topic: The Thread

    Toyota have one in development. Not sure when they will bring it to the market. I posted the picture ofit on the other last purchase thread.
  8. Off Topic: The Thread

    16 car manufacturesshow irregularities in emission data. It is getting sad to see what companies are going to the extend to lie to the consumers. That is not even including recent Mitsubishi scandal. although I did purchase $3300 in ford stock Friday.
  9. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    Clinton is the most honest candidate in this election. She have 50% vs 9% to trump. Choices....
  10. Off Topic: The Thread

    Ten charts about Tesla versus competitors
  11. Politics On Politics.

    No but they clearly label their bathroom in the proper gender. There are no policy or confusing for their customers. i have friends/co-workers that are either lesbian or gay. I accepted them for who they are but sharing bathroom for transgender is not acceptable for my children. There are no discussion beyond that.
  12. Politics On Politics.

    It is an easy choice for me, I won't take my daughters to Target in the future or plan to use their restroom. Rarely we ever use public restroom but most of the time it was either inMacy store or Nordstrom.
  13. Politics On Politics.

    Target allow transgender bathroom. Target on Tuesday publisheda blog postreiterating its support offederal legislationthat would protect people from discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity. In addition, it said transgender employees and shoppers are welcome to use the restroom or fitting room that corresponds with their gender identity.
  14. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    Im gonna have to see his birth certificate again
  15. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Expand my portfolio with some tech companies. SOLD 218 shares of TNA for $62.12 per share 283 shares@$28.30 1012 shares@$9.8299 45 shares@$146.4899 93 shares@$38.7899 For some shit and giggle 8 shares@$11.70