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  1. Rare Volvo Parts

    Lucky you, I had to pay money for it. Not retail but still expensive.
  2. Politics On Politics.

    Ironic they fled from England for freedom of religion but put *In God we trust* in all currency paper money. 
  3. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    I meant as in benefits wise 😂 Therefore, I remain correct as previous statement.  When my previous employer try to push the difference to me for my healthcare premium, I switch job where I'm paying next to nothing for monthly premium and my typical out of pocket cost are co-pay for normal visit.  Max Annual out of pocket for my family is $3000 (family of 4)
  4. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    Most tax benefits only apply to the top 1% . Middle class won't see much difference in any presidential promise or actual implantation. Only sheep would believe what they promise
  5. Broken Lug Bolt - 2001 S40

    You just rotate the hub to the opening area where you can slide the old lug out. I done it before and it take longer to get the wheel out then replace the lug
  6. Off Topic: The Thread

  7. Politics On Politics.

    Carpet bombing. Now that is a statement to disregard any civilians in the ground. Only good if you plan to wipe out the whole country since all you doing is fuel the hatred for the enemy toward United States.  Not saying U. S have a good image in Middle East but that definitely doesn't help the cause regardless who you dealing with.  Like alan stated above, war is a political instrument not a policy. U.S could have won the Vietnam war if they didn't not started pulling out of V.N.  If you watch the history channel mini series on the Vietnam war in HD, they outline the whole history on what/how/why u.s was involved in the war and how close they could wipe out the VC during their last successful mission on the Ho Chi Minh trail. 
  8. Politics On Politics.

    I watch part of the democratic debate last night. As I was watching, i thought do any of the politicians ever hear the words coming out of their mouth? I meant how can they just straight face lie horse shit and sleep at night? lt seems like Bernie is the most honest one out of the three. I won't vote for Hillary ever and blessed those that do because between her and trump, god help us all.
  9. XC70 tire options

    Conti dws. 
  10. Off Topic: The Thread

    Lol Dan Blizeran is buying $100k of powerball. 
  11. Off Topic: The Thread

    I know the chance is slim but I bought $30 worth of ticket for the sake of that slim chance.  I saw a guy on my IG feed bought $1000 worth for last sat drawing. But his net worth is 8 figures at least.
  12. Three questions for democrats

    Yo, I heard you want to sell some gun. Got any handgun?
  13. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    The hype about In and out is the company philosophy of not having any location not within same day for their distribution truck. Their patties is always fresh and never frozen.  Im waiting for them to expand into Portland area. They open their first Oregon location at Medford last year and it was a big deal
  14. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Some say it is.  I haven't tasted it myself but they claim to use all organic Angus beef so I can see why. * 100% all-natural Angus beef, vegetarian fed, humanely raised and source verified. * Although I do love In&Out but they are private holding company.