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  1. Would P0015 hurt the fuel economy that much? I'm almost positive the oil is in good shape. I got it from the shop so it should be good on oil. Car is at 179k and had timing belt and water pump done at 130k What of P0456? Major evap leak, that might affect mpg yeah?
  2. So after picking my car up from the shop I had taken it on a small drive and came back home. The car had CELs before and after I got it (and only some of the CELs I took it in for) so I didn't think anything of it. After I got back I ran the scanner on it to see if maybe the codes were still there/had changed. I went from codes P0420(catalyst system under threshold), P0456(P0455 but minor leak), and P0015(timing Retarded on exhaust cam) to these new ones. I had my coolant system flushed and filled after a t fitting blew off(and subsequently the turbo sucked in some coolant but not enough to damage it I don't think) and I had my pcv valve system replaced. Some small things. The turbo, while being Underboost, still makes boost, so I know the wastegate can't be at fault. Also my mpg are terrible. I'm talking 13-17mpg on a car that should get 30mpg~ Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!