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  1. Hello everyone, looking for a 1992 Volvo 960 Wagon 2.9 i-6 cyn EGR Valve unit Part# 36000968. I seem to hit a wall since every other Volvo store or place i look into no one has them nor they make them anymore i guess. Any ideas where could i find one or a replacement that i could retrofit? Any ideas or suggestions welcome. I turned every rock, search every website to no avail. Thanks in advance !!!
  2. yeah its, but in time it will get a few upgrades...time will tell. :)
  3. Thanks for the Advice! :) , Yes i will switch to 10-W40 on the upcoming Oil Change i ll be doing in the weekend after and double check between 500 to 1000 mi. Intervals for Oil Consumption. I know my dad uses a thicker oil on his 92 960 and i haven't heard any complains on excessive oil consumption for a long time.
  4. Hello everyone, i have a 1995 Volvo 960 Sedan 4spd auto with 156,000 Orginal Miles ( parents drove it short distances all the time ) and i have question about these particular 960 engines. I was told that at some point all these vehicles will consume Oil. My dad owns a 92 960 wagon which also consumes a little. Mine does about i ll say roughly 1qt per 1,200-1,300 Mi ,with Normal Driving (stop and go /highway ). I got the Logbook from my Dad, who is a big fan of his volvo and all records indicate they did replaced the "oil catch can " or something like that, the spark plugs have yet to be replaced but last time the mechanic checked ( was a volvo certified mechanic) they said they were good. The engine does not leak oil at all, runs perfect, in idle when is at its operating temp is smooth and no rpm fluctuations, in resume it runs perfect, even with a/c on, it does not puff smoke and yes it passed inspections, no black sooth either. I use recommend oil, but the manual specifies a higher grade in case of rough driving habits or "excessive oil consumption" , but i do not know much about if a thick oil would slow oil consumption or not. Any ideas?, is it true these Volvos DO consume oil or is just an indication that i need to rebuild-replace the engine itself?. Thanks in advance Gabriel.
  5. Hello everybody !! IM Gabriel R from South East of USA. Currently own a 1995 Volvo 960 Sedan RWD I inherit this one from parents since they decided to get the newest 2017-18 S90 ( go figure how the got convinced to get one since they NEVER wanted to sell this one) so i rescue this volvo from the trade-in they offered them, now is my project i ve been working for a few years and its finally running good Looking forward to get to know more about these legendary vehicles and keep this one good as new..