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  1. Do your car have a kickdown switch that you can feel when you push it to the floor? if so put it in winter mode and in drive then you can go WOT in 3rd gear without kickdown.
  2. Im having the same issue. Can you share the 305 bin with just the logging code and xdf with dk k+l decel leaning factor (Faktor Verzögerungsabmagerung)? Is the 305 bin a auto bin or do you need to convert it via hex adress? I'll pay you for it.
  3. I got a n/a bin with damos and i have been trying to make my own xdf. I have found the ignition map,fuel map,re engage ignition advance, k-l DK decel,idle ignition and idle rpm, but rpms,load and temp are not in order, the ignition map starts with -9s and k-l DK decel is weird too. Anyone know whats wrong? I also need help finding probe diagnostic in front of catalytic converter hex adress and if its a manual or auto bin(trans switch hex adress?) Thanks na.7z