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  1. Hi all, firstly ım a new member and ı need some help already thanks for all. 3 mounts ago ı bought a 99' s70t5. My aim is to rebuild it and covert engine to s70r. ı start with under frame all parts changed and upgrated , ı dont write long all parts. then automatic transmission be revised. Finally we focused on engine. Before ı bought its former owner makes a mistake, he changed crank, piston head and piston rod to engine cod b5244s. its already all you now atmospheric 2.4 engine. so exhaust valves damaged due to inner engine high pressure. yes my problem is start in here my original engine cod is b5204t3 hpt now engine's crank, piston head and rods to b5244s my target is to convert it to b5244t2. After my research cranks is all same part to 244s and 244t2 (1825crank) piston heads are different but no idea of rods. After all ı said my plan to change piston head and rods with b5244t2's parts if you share your experience ı m very happy.
  2. Hi everyone ım s70t5 user from Turkey. That car is my project car to turn it a track spec. already thanks to all...