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A cute girl’s bedroom with a Platform Bed

There is always room for a little fantasy when it comes to selecting the perfect platform bed for your cute baby girl. Whether she has a great eye for finer things from romantic princess-designed beds to tipi tents, there are many platform bed designs to choose from to give her the best quality of sleep she deserves. Considering the many options available on the market, it can be difficult to choose a high-quality platform bed. For that reason, I have carefully handpicked some of the best and quality platform beds that your girl will love. Read more twin xl platform bed

DHP Metal Twin Size Canopy Bed with White Sturdy Bed Frame


Reading night time stories will be more interesting with this DHP Canopy metal bed. It brings a touch of elegance to your girl’s room. The interior design on the footboard and headboard evokes a fun and stylish appearance to the bedroom. The four canopy posts are covered with graciously rounded handles which add to the finishing touch to its elegant piece. You can try to add some sheer curtains over the posts in order to make it even more fantastic; and the layered effect forms a unique place for your princess to sleep and play. This bed is available in numerous sizes and colors and they also have metal slats which rid the need of a box spring.


Simple to set up

Has a great quality

Has a stunning design that goes well with any décor

There are many varieties available to create a fairy tale bedroom for your little girl.

Has an engaging graphic

It is sturdy and durable


It might be a bit squeaky

DHP Junior Twin Size Metal Loft Bed Frame


You can decorate your girl’s room with this stunning and entertaining DHP twin metal loft bed. It comes with slat kits and a mini slide to help your princess get out of bed simple. The space under the bed can be a great place to install a tent to encourage play or even a desk for your child to do her homework. It has two attached guardrails for safety and is made out of pure solid pine wood with an attached ladder.


Has a mini slide to add to the fun.

An ideal solution for a small bedroom since it creates more floor space.

Provides more floor space for your little girl to play.

Easy to clean.

The space under the bed is a good place to add a sofa and encourage bonding by reading a nighttime story. You can add drawers or shelves to store your girl’s favorite books, toys and beddings.

The metal frame provides a durable sleeping arrangement which is cozy for your little girl.

They are inexpensive

Has two attached guardrails for safety purposes.


It is dangerous for your child to play in since it too high.

You might need to install night lights for your child to see the ladder during the night.

Donco Kids Low Sturdy Loft Bed


This majestically designed bed set is a great way to give your little girl a functional study space and a cozy sleeping area. It is a real space saver due to its built-in drawers and bookshelf to store your girl’s stuff. It also boasts an in-built ladder that makes getting in and out of bed simple and less disappointing. Visit the link to read more review.


It has an included desk that makes it a great place for your girl to do her homework.

Has two attached guardrails to prevent falling.

Has attached shelves for your princess to store her books and drawings.

Has built-in drawers to help you store your girl’s toys and beddings.

Has a great quality.


Cleaning can be a bit difficult.

Risky for your child to play in and you will need to install night lights at night to prevent injury while getting out of bed.

La Salle Twin Size White Captain’s Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers 


This bed type provides a classic and casual style for your girl’s bedroom. It is simple and features a set of six underbed drawers where you can make most of your child’s space for playing or to store her things. They mostly come in black, cherry, or white colors and have a cherry solid wood finish that will beautifully blend with your girl’s décor.


Has a great quality

Has built-in drawers to store your girl’s stuff.

It is durable and flexible

Has a stunning design to create a neat bedroom


Cleaning can be a bit hard

It might get dents or scratches easily

You need to clean often to avoid molds       

Donco KIDS Twin Size Tent Loft with Slide and Slat-Kits


This twin loft bed is made from pure pine solid wood and has an integrated ladder to help getting in and out of bed simpler. It also has slat-kits and wax finishes that are durable to prevents damage. A mini slide is also attached to get out of bed a fun and interesting experience. The included pink tent underneath the bed is a great way to encourage playing.


Has two included guardrails to protect your child.

Has an underbed storage space to fit a dollhouse, toys or any of your girl’s stuff.

Has a fun mini slide for your child to enjoy.

Easy to clean

It has a pink tent for your child to hide in and read her book. It is also a cozy nice nest to snuggle with one another.


Its ladder has only two steps which could be hard for a young kid to climb on and off.

It could take some time to assemble (particularly the mini slide).

WE Furniture Modern Metal Pipe Twin Size Loft Kids Bunk White Bed for Bedroom


This simple designed bed is just amazing. The desk put up underneath this bed is an ideal workstation for your child to work and focus on her projects. It also has guardrails in all the corners of the bed to prevent falling. Support slats are also attached and no box spring is needed. There are two sets of ladders integrated for your princess to get in and out of bed. The metal pipe also provides a study support and are durable. You may also want to find the best platform bed twin


Easy to clean

Has an underbed space where you can install drawers, shelves, or even a study desk to store your girl’s things.

It creates more floor space for your child to play in.


It is too high and risky for your child to play in.

Final Word

Choosing a good platform bed for your princess could be a complex affair. If you are confused on the best platform bed to buy or one that will save floor space in your small urban apartment, then you consider the above affordable beds and surprise your little girl today.