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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of a 20G not a 20T, from what I understand the bigger frame Mitsubishi’s perform quite well but I have been out of the game for awhile so things may have changed quite a bit. And thanks that’s kinda my thought too, it’s a good foundation just needs the finishing touches! I just don’t want to go so crazy that I have to change out some of the big work that has been done like the clutch etc. Thank you, good to be back I missed the forum.
  2. Yeah the whole car has been repainted, it was in a minor front end collision, was originally turquoise actually. The paint isn’t great and I’ll likely redo it one day but it’s rust free and more of a go car than a show car for me anyhow haha.
  3. I am unsure of who’s tune it is, but it was tuned by a local shop from what I was told. I would like to buy one of Matt’s kits when I can and tune it myself. And yes, absolutely. I kinda laughed when I heard it had a 16T on it with all the other work that has been done, it’s a bit excessive for that turbo. It does have an angle housing on it which is nice, but I plan on a GT2871R or a GT3076R down the road since it’s pretty much ready for it. I’d consider a 20G kit too if it was the right deal I suppose, won’t be doing the 35R again though as I want this to be more of a road course / auto x car and less of a highway monster, though it should still be pretty good at that. Here’s a better engine photo as well, couldn’t get it to post due to the size of it earlier. Cheers, Billy
  4. Hey everyone! Been awhile since I was on here last, my old username was woah4, but I can’t seem to get into that account anymore so I have made this new one. It’s been a long time since I had a Volvo but I just picked up my new car last weekend and thought it would be fun to share it with all of you again. This is my 9th Volvo, and should be a fun toy / project to work on and share with you all. For those of you unfamiliar with my past Volvo’s, they were as follows; 1995 855 10valve auto, stock 1995 855 T5-R, mostly stock but some work, auto 1996 855 T5-M, forged rods, GT3582R, coilovers, etc 1993 964 auto, never did anything with it really 2002 V70 T5 auto stock 2002 C70 T5-M coupe, mostly stock. 2001 V70XC basket case 2005 V70 2.5T awd full exhaust, otherwise stock and finally the new car. Its a 1995 855 T5, factory auto car but with lots of work done.... this includes; a fully forged engine ipd lowering springs full CX racing exhaust system r manifold and 16T turbo Ipd Rip kit and cold air intake kit 18 inch pegs With 235’s Front Porsche brakes An M59 manual swap with R clutch and much more I’m sure I’m forgetting. discovering more about it every day, and have plenty of plans! So stay tuned for more updates, I am quite excited to be back in an 855. Cheers, Billy