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  1. So just a few things in response to your answer, I generally keep the car in good condition and always take care of check engine lights and whatnot. So I just have a few follow up questions. Is awhp going to differ in any way from whp or is it the same thing. Also I thought a tune would provide more power and just all around better engine performance than what you have provided. I’m an absolute beginner when it comes to car modifications but I’m a quick study. The car is worth about $5k on kbb so about how much are we talking in cost for the upgrades? My car already has a turbo. I haven’t actually found it in the engine bay I’m assuming it’s in the back of he engine towards the driver and passanger. I would have to look this up. Would a turbo install take a lot of time and effort to do because of its location? And finally what are some mods I should stay away from with this particular car? I heard that the piston timing can be very particular and can really damage the engine if it’s improperly timed. Thank you for your time.
  2. Hello, first time posting here not sure what to expect. So I have an 07 xc70 I recently purchased and have a few questions about some performance mods I would like to do. So this car has about 175k miles and I want to boost my horse power up to the high 200’s if not low 300’s it’s my daily and I want a bit more juice for fun but I don’t want to destroy it too bad I love the i5 sound and the entire car in general. What are some things I can do to increase the horsepower but keep it from killing itself. Also what are some good exhaust mufflers or kits I can buy that increase the sound at higher rpms but not as much at low rpms it just sounds so amazing at high revs and I want to emphasize that as I’m driving. Any feedback or suggestions would be great. Thanks!