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  1. Hello all, Could maybe use a bit of advice here... googling has not yielded the best results. I have a 2012 C70 displaying the convertible top service required message.. and of course, when driving, I am getting the annoying constant chime and the message to stop driving because the top might be damaged. I *think* I might have traced the issue down to the hydraulic pump motor.. I put power to it and the pump motor lazily spins then pops the fuse in my power probe. I reached out to Klaus at TopHydraulics and he kindly informed me that the motor should have no more than a 30 amp draw (going to test this soon). Also, the hydraulic reservoir is full of fluid and nothing seems to be leaking, but I need to find folks to help me lift the top to inspect the hydraulic cylinders... not an easy feat in rural Colorado's winter :) All that being said, is there anyway for the time being while I perform diagnostics that I can disable this chime so that the car is still usable? I made 110% sure that the top is locked down. Any suggestions?