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  1. Hey gdog thanks for getting back to me! I live in California and I am trying to pass smog. My cars emission monitors set without problem But the problem is that when I turn the car off the monitors go back to not ready. I believe it is because my ECU is losing power when the car is off so it is not able to save that the monitors are set. So my idea is to check constant power. 1. California allows two monitors to be not ready for my year. 2. I have asked over ten smog shops if they would run the test without turning off the car they all say that they have to turn it off to check that the CEL is working properly.
  2. Hello I have been fighting an issue and I believe it is because my ECU is not getting constant power. I think that the constant power is suppose to go to the 101/102 Relay. I tested all the fuses and fuse 1 ECU power gets power when I turn the ignition on as it should but when I tried to test the 101/102 relay base to see if that was getting constant power I could not get the test light to light up. 1. Is 101/102 the constant power supply I am looking for? 2. How do I properly test the relay base to see if it has constant power? 3. If I am way off. Where do if find the constant power and how do I test to make sure it is getting constant power? Thanks!