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  1. so can i use the crankshaft from the revised T5 and still use aftermarket forged conrods for the b5234t.
  2. thanks for the info! i will look up parts well, i only looked around for a bit, and to my (very little) knowledge, it would be rather expensive compared to just upgrade the pistons and use more turbo pressure
  3. Was wondering what parts i need to buy so i can get a 2.3L from the 850 T5 to a 2.5L. The B5254T/S uses the same crankshaft, so its a no no, and as im planning to buy maXpeeding rods forged crankrods i need the new crankshaft to be "bigger". any information?
  4. Sounds like some old arcade racing game where you choose with the gas pedal 😂😂. Do I need a special ECU for that? Or just a Megasquirt or piggyback, whatever you guys call it.
  5. and the fuel economy, is it any better than standard?
  6. Hi, I´m planning to buy an 850 T5 from 1994, to serve as a daily driver and still be a very fun car. I´m still young and short of money, so every cent counts. My plans are: Bosch 395cc injectors, TD04HL-19T turbo, bigger intercooler, and a good ECU tune. But I have some questions: 1 - is it possible to have a mixed tune? I was thinking of plain boring family car until 4000 rpm and from above the power is released. 2 - what power will it make? 3 - Should I also change my clutch and exhaust? Maybe one of you guys can help me. Have a great day