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  1. Thanks for the info guys- looked at car and it was sketchy as to when repairs were actually made and condition was not as lead to believe- took a pass on this one - the search continues!
  2. looking at a used 2004 v70r with 238k miles on odometer. Are these motors all used up at that milage? what are the items on the car that are worn at that milage? -I bought the car from BMW/Toyota Tech that basically went throught the whole car ! $10,000.00 in just PARTS alone /maintence /upgraded performace parts ..this a Fast Dadmobile with its 6 speed! Everything..Everything works as it should! Ice cold A/C ! -Factory Bembro brakes -Inner /outer tie rods w boots -front upper IPD HD strut mounts -wheel bearings -front cv axle boots -front and rear pads and rotors/e brake shoes and hardware -bluetooth adapter for stereo and works with steering wheel.. -trailer hitch -4C and Awd systems work! -Hilton Stage 2 tune/colder plugs -Snabb 3in down pipe -IPD 3 inch stainless oval cat back exhaust -big front mount intercooler! -all the factory rubber or plastic boost pipes/couplers replaced -Viva performance single mass flywheel /Spec stage 3 clutch kit w rear main seal and slave cylinder kit -Forge CBV -Poly subframe bushings -poly upper and lower engine torque mounts -factory motor and trans mounts -Angle gear (awd) replaced w low mile unit /resealed and new sleeve installed -Vive performance wheel spacers front and rear --Timing belt/water pump/tensioner drive belt -Full' 0 'maintence was completed before tuning car(15000 miles ago) -pcv system -fuel pump and filter -all fluids changed(coolant/transmission/angle gear/rear diff/haldex fluid w filter/power steering/brake fluid) this is the maintenance list but the mileage scares me - am I being overly cautious? thank you for any an all help- I really want one of these dad wagons, regards, Patrick