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  1. Assuming that that v70 and s70 have most likely a very similar method of construction I would gladly accept any suggestions/solutions/hints on removal & replacement of the front bumper. Thanks for offering.
  2. @Zappo Headlight wipers? Yes. I don't know if they work. On my to-do was install new arms & blades, fix the hoses so the washer tank would hold fluid. Going out to see if the motors will operate when the washer pump runs. Report back shortly. Left headlight wiper works normally - Right wiper won't do squat. Tried twisting and wiggling but it's not moving. Frequency of the noise changes when I try and move the shaft. So I pulled a few connectors and found one that stopped the hum. Guess I need to put a headlight wiper motor on the get-list. I guess replacing it will involve bumper cover removal????? Two tips o'the cap to @zappo. Shhheezzee; simple stuff can be so maddening.
  3. @robt5m Thanx for the reply. I thought I had a reasonable solution to a problem that is very perplexing. And a humming ballast seemed to be the answer. But if there aren't any, then I'm still lost as to what to look for. Have a moderately loud hum coming from the right front engine compartment; sounds like it comes from the headlight area. It will change tone slightly when there is a change in the load on the electrical system. This hum is evident whether the vehicle is running or the key is just in position I or any position that connects the battery to the system. It's not the alternator as the hum is present when the alternator is not operating and if it was the excitation current in the altenator, the hum does not come from the alternator - it's forward of the alternator. What "stuff" hangs out near the right front headlamp area?
  4. Trying to understand the operation and location of the headlamp ballast system on a 1998 V70R. Location: Where is each front headlamp ballast located? Does the ballast supply power to more than one bulb? To remove/replace a ballast, is removal of the bumper cover required? Function: The ballast in a Fluorescent lamp uses the ballast to increase the voltage and control the current for the lamp. Is the automotive ballast function similar, except there must be some conversion of DC to AC to enable an increase in voltage for bulb excitation? Is this a correct understanding of automotive ballast? Thanks for all replies.