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  1. It does help. I was able to save about $740 buying the parts on my own. I could not find both the Intake and the Exhaust cam sprockets at the same place so I would up having to spend about $40 more than I should have. Next is to have them do the work. Once those leaks are fixed, I will be able to do the rest of the work myself. I am going to need to replace the front lower control arms and the axles on both sides and then replace the tires. Once that is done, the car should be good to go for another 100k miles.
  2. I have a 2009 S40 T5 R-Design that has some very serious leaks. It is currently leaking from the camshaft seals and the front main seal. The shop I took it to sent me a breakdown of all the parts that will be needed and what they would charge me for them. I know that I can get the parts for a lot cheaper other places. This is my question, is the exhaust and intake timing cam sprockets the same and is it really necessary to change them when replacing the camshaft seals? The mechanic also mentioned that the car is leaking from the "phasers". I am not sure what those are but I know he is not referring to a Star Trek weapon. LOL So, what are they? Thanks in advance for your responses.