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  1. Sold. Meet a good group of people during this unplanned selling adventure.
  2. Our much beloved V70R (~110K miles) overheated on a family trip from Oakland to LA this week. It now sits at a dealer/service station waiting either for us to pour more money into it than we can afford right now, or for you to come and pick it up. Asking $1500, OBO. Then you can either fix the thermostat (and possibly head gasket) yourself, or part it out. We are the original owners, with complete service records. Right before this trip, it had a regular service and new front brakes done (but, ugh, not the thermostat). Needs to happen by Weds July 8, in Los Angeles. Paypal, Venmo works. (1st side facing pic is from this week, dash board & down facing pic from last year.)