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  1. as i see this is enough to fix ac in all firmwares when using m4.4. on m4.3 car right? PostedBy Piet Change both bytes at address $6AC8 and $6AC9 in the manual bin or address $6B42 and $6B43 in the automatic bin into #00
  2. yeah ive seen ostrich. in my country there is no way to buy it for a reasonable price, also i wanna try to make it by myself as i see it. thx for info, i will try to find that topic to get information that i want. Tried to find any info about ostrich but all mentions refers to this topic and consists of "installed ostrich blah.blah.blah.... " e.t.c. So i still need some info)) upd. already found how to fix checksum - pretty easy. how to avoid ac problems on 4.3 car with 4.4 ecu time to find out how to get data from xdf files..
  3. Hello everyone. i am new here and with motronic too. Can anyone tell me when i can get memory mappinng of m4.3-m4.4 i have 850 with 4.3 wiring and separate 4.4 mcu and i want to install additional mcu in m4.4 that will pretend as parrallel memory so when main mcu will ask for data (firmware) my mcu will give it. Main advantages: fast firmware switching, usb connection, real time data changing and so on. also i am free to make windows running program that will connect and affect on firmware that handles ecu. Things that ive need to know - where each data is stored in firmware (fuel maps, timings, boost and so on) also checksum type (where checksum stored etc) i am programmer and developer so i think with all additional data i can do it - it will be interesting for me and maybe for someone else. instead of memory i want to use 480mhz ARM mcu, that can handle everything.