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  1. what is this in ur post? "scalling ram" i am making project (the same as ostrich) so i am interested of thinks with such names))) Here's one more thing that helped me through the formulas (the Motronic scaling). The rest is just converting what is measured (for example kPa) to what you want to be measured (for example PSI) Regarding the switch, from what I've read on the forum where I've taken this picture from, it's probably been used for switching to normal / programming mode to be able to reflash it in the car. I've done pretty the same thing (included a switch in the ECU) but also added a step-up voltage converter so I can apply 16V on the programming enable pin. M44-scaling-RAM.pdfUnavailable
  2. thank u for info, i am not really good in asm (i am c and c# programmer so asm needs a lot more time for me to understand) also ive already started to work on several blocks for volvo 1) already made fw and ordered board that can fit in fan relay block sizes (as additional block) that will drive motor fan logics (added external input for bi-metal sensor that will activate 2nd speed fan) + adc input for regilar sensor (2 pin) just before engine (not before radiator) and for now rs485 2)now working on m4.4 addon (simular to ostrich) (usb flashing, fast fw switching, parameter changing without tunerpro (direct memory edit in windows software with autochecksum (for a start simple settings in plans(boost,and so on) )) 3) in plans - blocks in front doors (digital window operation,mirror heat and move, central lock and so on) - i need it to remove wires from door connector, to use free pins for sound system wiring. 4) in progres seat power modules - in my car front seats are from s60 2012+ r-design , so they already moving, i just need to make seat heat power module and logical module that drives power modules of both seats and controls thermistors in seats. so ive got logic module fw already done, got schematics of power module (it will use the same connector from original s60 block) and schematics for logical block. digital bus is not ready yet,but digital part of seat heat driver already works. it has 3 states: 0% (off) 50% (led one on) 100%(led 2 on); now i am waiting for connectors and then i will make board for it. Next i will print boxes for those modules. 5) in plans:can distributor (same as in modern cars - but different) it will connect low speed rs485 "always on" blocks (fan controller and so on) and blocks with high speed controllers (like mcu that will be installed in 4.4 ) distributor will connect all the blocks in 1 net and then i will connect it to obd free pins instead of myostrich analog, that will be there first. i am using rs485 just because i didnt worked with can before, ive already ordered tranceivers but in mcu`s that are will be always online its hard to work on high speeds (ive decreased frequences to 1mhz to save car battery) but radiator fan and doors will be fully active even if acc is off. also i will add glass closer functional. Thats all for now, ive got a lot of work to do)))
  3. as i said before i want to make something like ostrich on modern mcu, to get ability to flash, thats why i am trying to collect information about ecu memory map and so on. where is memory map selector? its just byte or switch or what? ecu retrive data from memory once on power up or it uses flash rom constantly to get values?
  4. Does anyone know something about memory table 1 and 2 is the data doubled and must be the same at region 1 and region 2? when i choose for example tcv duty cycle 4200 rpm and 40(?throttle?) i get 0x8088 adress in textbox below so should i change it in both memory blocks if i edit values manually? also ive found this words about checksum our M4.4 file has two checksums (one for block 0 - file offset 0x0 - 0xFEFF, and another for block 1 - file offset 0x10000 - 0x1FEFF). After you made corrections in those regions (like lambda disabling) - checksums must be recalculated. Checksum for block 0 is stored at file offset 0xFF00, and for block 1 at file offset 0x1FF00. Ok, checksum procedure is exactly the same for both blocks, its just incrementally adding bytes to 16-bit word. so there is 2 checksums adresses 0xFF00 and 0x1FF00 in 608_rev5bLaunchControlAL.bin from m4.4 wikia there is 0x2368 in 0xFF00 adress and 0xD4FB in 0x1FF00 so there is different data in 2 checksums so wth?
  5. 0 261 204 305 P01275384FW.BIN thats original fw for 1996 5254T m4.4. any info how to disable immo?
  6. do u know how to disable immo in binary file ? i am programmer, i can edit, or even make software that disables or enables something automaticaly, but i need to know where to edit... i will post here binary file and number of that 4.4 ecu in 12 hours. 4.4 in my region is like an unicorn as r-bumper... and ive bought mine because seller didnt knew its real price. tell me what means 98MY ? cant understand.
  7. it was rare european 1997 850R 5254T AWD Wagon... unlikely people who didnt understand its price dissasembled it, i got only ecu from it. My car is fwd 1995 5252->turbo swapped to 5234T with m4.3. Now i have some errors and no boost at all. first of all ive changed spark plugs, and ordered HO2S sensor. also spark wires are in perfect condition. but i have misfire errors(but no signs of it on engine) and strage power stage group D error(seems thats why AC not working now) i want to install 4.4 to get modern diagnostics to become avalable, but i need to get proper firmware for a start. ive got an idea to install mcu instead of flash memory in ECU(ostrich->nextgen), but i cant find memory map of m4.4...
  8. Hello again guys! I have M4.4 from 850R (seems rare) and 850 with M4.3 - > seems i dont need ac mod? also anyone can give me link to FW for orange jets, 15turbo, 2.3 manual with 0.8 constant boost?
  9. as i see this is enough to fix ac in all firmwares when using m4.4. on m4.3 car right? PostedBy Piet Change both bytes at address $6AC8 and $6AC9 in the manual bin or address $6B42 and $6B43 in the automatic bin into #00
  10. yeah ive seen ostrich. in my country there is no way to buy it for a reasonable price, also i wanna try to make it by myself as i see it. thx for info, i will try to find that topic to get information that i want. Tried to find any info about ostrich but all mentions refers to this topic and consists of "installed ostrich blah.blah.blah.... " e.t.c. So i still need some info)) upd. already found how to fix checksum - pretty easy. how to avoid ac problems on 4.3 car with 4.4 ecu time to find out how to get data from xdf files..
  11. Hello everyone. i am new here and with motronic too. Can anyone tell me when i can get memory mappinng of m4.3-m4.4 i have 850 with 4.3 wiring and separate 4.4 mcu and i want to install additional mcu in m4.4 that will pretend as parrallel memory so when main mcu will ask for data (firmware) my mcu will give it. Main advantages: fast firmware switching, usb connection, real time data changing and so on. also i am free to make windows running program that will connect and affect on firmware that handles ecu. Things that ive need to know - where each data is stored in firmware (fuel maps, timings, boost and so on) also checksum type (where checksum stored etc) i am programmer and developer so i think with all additional data i can do it - it will be interesting for me and maybe for someone else. instead of memory i want to use 480mhz ARM mcu, that can handle everything.