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  1. yeah, that's a sick vid. Fixed the link. fail. Like i'm going to find a 98' v70R its more than half the rarity of my car. 3600 made I think. Nice progress thread. What's that rectangular box you have in front of your gear shift under the radio? (page 4 i think)
  2. I think I could get into that. I have no garage so my jack stands and various car stuff is just in my room. It brings more character into the room than just having gamer stuff everywhere.
  3. Welcome to Volvo speed, I'm kind of new myself, there is a ton of info on here. (with pics too)
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py88_vKwclM I think i'll put my S70 dreams on hold for awhile. I need a RWD Turbo Volvo instead. I already have a FWD turbo Volvo. Time to start doing..
  5. Wondering about the PCV system I was watching a video on Robert DIY on youtube and he has a cool guide on how to test your PCV system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIRoc0VxLd4 <------ Link to the video Any who, The clogged PCV will start to Smoke out of the Dip stick hole When the car is warmed up and running. Not an ounce of smoke. So the next test is the glove test which The ol' beast passed with flying colors. Sometimes the pcv gets so clogged that it builds up pressure in the engine. So you tie a rubber glove to the open oil cap with a rubber band and wait to see if the glove starts to fill with air. (warmed and running) In neutral just tap the gas a bit to see what the glove does. When I pressed the gas the glove did bounce a tiny bit but it did not fill with air. This leads me to believe my PCV system is fine as is, no need to worry. Bought a fuel filter I'm going to install on my next days off. (wonder how long its been since it was replaced) Hopefully my new rear view mirror arrives soon too.
  6. The more I restore The ol' beast the more spare parts I have. Do you sell the spare parts or do you keep them on the off chance you need them later? What you see is a DH side fender bracket, A fender turn signal light from a 00' C70, A left blinker, DH side fender graphic (417 pacific blue pearl.) All parts are from 70 series Volvo from 98' to 00'. The more I repair the more spare parts I will have. Should I sell?
  7. Very nice, I want to find one like this for my little brother. He's 6'2'' tall and this Volvo would fit him perfectly. I have been on this page for awhile just looking at your 98'.
  8. I wrote a recall warning and slapped it in the misc. forum here on VS. Pretty irresponsible if you ask me, I have a nice family owned tools shop near my house. They accualy know what their talking about and can help find things or work out problems. Way better feeling than walking into one of those HUGE stores where no body cares/ knows anything.
  9. I don't know a lot but it looks to me that it might just be there to protect that power steering reservoir and what's behind it in a front end wreck. That's what i thought when cleaning my engine. (we have the same) Just looks like extra protection.
  10. Going to the mechanic was a huge waist of time. I did get a cool digital inspection showed here. https://xoxocar.com/inspection.aspx?inspectionid=7c804955-49fe-4c81-ada1-a67d8fed2d03&sb=def&b=1 Talking with fellow VS members helped me realize the mechanics were trying to take advantage of my good nature by over charging me like crazy. VS talked me down and I'm going to just fix the ol' beast at my leisure. My mirror was like this when I bought the Volvo months ago. Its hard to see at night because these mirrors have an Manuel dimming feature that malfunctioned most likely during the wreck the previous owner was in. I looked on tasca parts but the mirror was over $200. Checked Ebay and found one for $40. Should be here around the 23rd. A buddy on VS helped me locate the way to replace the mirror and I'll make a guide when it arrives. Also got the head lamp wipers for around $8 on Ebay.
  11. What would you etch in? I'd have to think of something ironic and funny. "straight 6 minus 1". "Trumpet Eater". "Rice cooker"
  12. I changed the date... You think i'd leave my exp date on here? ? HAHA Fly already tried to get my info XD Tried again just to be sure and no go.
  13. Yeah RobertDIY is the video that helped me get my fender replaced and aligned. And he helped me figure out that my ac compressor was broke. I'm subbed. The worst effect on the C70 is a rough Idle every now and again(hasn't died or anything.) Also avoid Recommending those harbor freight jack stands. They are failing left and right, splitting down the middle. They have had to recall all of them.
  14. We have Zappo In the lead with 325,000. Who has higher mileage?