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  1. Dk 64 came with a free Expansion pack that worked with multiple games like Majoras mask, Hybrid heaven, perfect dark. So people bought the crap out of DK 64. If they are not reproductions then they could still shoot up in price. Kind of like when pokemon go released, the original pokemon games shot up double the price. People play the new version of the game and find out its worse programing so they get nostalgic and buy old school. As far as being $100-$150 each goooooood luck lol. Even games that are bought to speed run aren't that high. Highest 64 game i have seen in person was Majora's mas
  2. Haha, How did you get 15 copies of DK 64? Those may have been reproductions. Yeah if they don't know what they're doing they can get scammed bad. A knowledgeable Classic game store would open the cart up and look at the soldering on the board to see its legit. The Chinese knock offs use big black globs of soldering material which gives them away.
  3. I spent $199 on the 64. If you look online the price is right. I'm almost %100 positive its a legit 64 as I bought it from a classic game specialty store. The part that should worry you is the games. The games can be made in china reproductions that look 1 for 1 the same as the original but are made in china and less expensive. Sometimes with bugs or harder programing. The price is more because of the see through blue color. ----------------------------------------------- Watch these things shoot up in price now that everyone wants video games because everyone's inside.
  4. If it wasn't A-symptomatic that would be swell.
  5. Also bought this blue Nintendo 64 four days ago and a few games. I have some money saved so I have been trying to support our locally owned businesses with the money. So, so, sweet. Zelda is just as fun as when I played it as a kid.
  6. Bought these 2 days ago. Almost didn't buy the guitar because of the ladys on the frets, Luckily I did buy it because the guitar is actually rare. (only one other online for sale) The Gi and the Sayan armor are sick as all hell and I get complimented on them a lot. Aww what a cute lil puppy. More pics?
  7. I work as a server for a steakhouse and we have to work around people eating without masks daily. We all are slightly worried about it but we like to make money and have purpose in life. I try to limit seeing what family I have left in my life and it makes me seem like the asshole for wanting to stay away for their safety. Other countries are beginning their 2nd wave of the virus and its starting to get bad again in some places of the world. If you compare numbers of cases vs. the number of deaths due to covid and the numbers we have in the US, we are on track for a very bad second wave of thi
  8. I think Ol' Dirty Noodle most likely looks like a trap. Just wishful thinking.
  9. Damn, I thought your black sedan was an S70. I see now I was mistaken. Love your car.

  10. Happy 20,000 page views! glad I could Pop it.

  11. This thread is so helpful. I just got my C70 a few months ago and I'm trying to learn as much as I can. My sound dampener in my front right strut isn't working anymore. (creeks on bumps) I went to les swab and they want around $500 just for the front struts. I was coming to the same conclusion you did. why pay for stock when an upgrade is even less in some cases than going near stock. Great thread, I love to see what my car looks like in more of an orange color. I do love the blue on mine though. I have a feeling I'll be referring back to this thread quite a bit.