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  1. This looks like a forum I have been looking for; lots of performance upgrade information and support! Spent a few years (and quite a few dollars) bringing a 2002 V70 X/C up to a stage Zero. When I decided to upgrade, there did not seem to be many people who like to modify Volvo's for performance. I am currently upgrading the V70 X/C and would appreciate comments and advice. So far, here is what is going on: 16T turbo upgrade, green injectors, port matching and polishing on the head, polished interior surfaces of the exhaust manifold, Mototec down pipe and Touring exhaust, (Yes, I am past the loud car stage and am building a Stealth Volvo.), do88 drop in intercooler and piping, Snabb intake pipe, IPD TCV and a Hiliton tune. Motor is getting new rod bearings and a head gasket. Hoping the bottom end is in good shape at 170K miles; I would like to stop the money out flow. I have another 2002 V70 2.4T in good shape sitting in the driveway (annoying the wife) and I am considering an all out engine/tranny build just so I can beat my little brothers new BMW on the autocross track. This will have to wait for the X\C to get finished, but you never know... Manic Mike