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  1. That was it! Checksum options populated after loading the dll's and a restart of tunerpro. Able to save bin file now and see it indicate update checksum. Thank you very much Dangerous Dave! Now the fun really starts
  2. Changed the permissions on the dll, no change Run as admin no change. Looking at that other thread I do not have msvcp100 or msvcr100 dll's, have the msvcp120 and msvcr120 though I'll see if I can source them.
  3. I think you found the problem, now how to fix it. Nothing was listed in the module and calculator fields. Only option in the dropdown is TunerPro Default Checksum Plug-in Just checked again and even deleted and recopied the dll to the root of the TunerProRT directory. Still not an option in the menu
  4. Yes. I almost specified it but thought the per the wiki would suffice. I can see the plugin listed in parameter category view but it is obvious it isn't working as it fails even on a freshly downloaded unchanged bin file.
  5. Hi all and thank you for all the work on this project. I've been lurking and reading for a long time getting ready to tune my 98 V70R that I bought as a fixer and got running a few months back.- Got everything setup per the wiki. Got the 607 bin flashed all good. Now i'm getting a P0605 internal control module fault. Researched and found I should reflash the bin again. Made some tweaks to the bin before flashing again and when I hit save it throws a checksum fault in TunerPro RT. Tried a virgin bin and it throws a fault just hitting save with no changes. More research led me to completely delete and reinstall tunerpro and all files. I even deleted and re downloaded all components. Still no go, I've tried all the tips found while searching this topic for checksum faults, what am I missing? Laptop is Windows 10 is that the problem? Tried compatability mode to Windows 7 with no change. Would love to get to some more serious tuning. Thanks in advance Shawn