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  1. A yes i saw that in the wiki page under Flashing in the Car. Awesome . Do you know what parameters i need to alter in order to adjust the Launch control in the 608-Rev5 bin file buddy ?
  2. Hey buddy i apreciate your response . Im not trying to skip its just that i cant understand how are you guys coming up with those formulas for the map and the O2 im trying to wrap my head on it. Thanks for this file its very usefull i got all the pins that i need. What is that small switch for bud ? Ya so the only thing that remains for me is to figure those formulas and try to find how can i adjust the launch control because i cant find anything in the bin file . Thank you .
  3. Hey guys . I just got a 1998 C70 m4.4 turbo and im very happy with the car. Yesterday i replaced the turbo and the exhaust manifold from S60R and i got the Turnerpro software running + i did the flashing succesfully. Guys i have 2 questions about the MAP sensor and the Wideband that are not explained in more understandable language, sorry im not so smart when it comes to programming language and terms sorry... So can somebody explain simply how to and is it possible to connect this MAP sensor i think its 3 bar (MPXH6300AC6T1- i had it from my previuous project Honda Civic ) in the ECU housing and should i connect it to the Secondary O2 or the TANk pressure inputs ??? Btw i dont know if i have tank pressure sensor. Where is it located ? I have an AEM wideband model AEM Electronics X-Series Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Sensor Controller Gauges 30-0300 im puzzled on where to connect this one since i read somewhere in the topic that connecting it to the secondary o2 channel is not good idea ... And how to adjust the ADX formulas for boost and wideband sensors? Guys i apreciate you ! This topic is so full of valuable information. I kinda regret that i dont have your knoledge about programming. Another quick one guys i tested the car and the Launch control works amazing although i searched the bin file and i couldnt find how to adjust it , make it a bit more agressive ? Thank you.