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  1. Local Volvo service center wants the car for 8 to 10 hours at $170 an hour lol and by the tumbler do you mean ignition barrel the ignition barrel is totally interchangeable because last night I workout that the ignition barrel is universal I took the barrel out my T5 and out the 2.4 lol the young fella got hold of em and mixed em up so I plugged one in put the T5 key in nothing steering lock never disengaged not even head lights turned the ignition off and an error came up wrong key so i put the 2.4 key in and it was back to all dash light steering lock came off etc then out of curiosity I switched the ignition barrels and exactly the same outcome , as long as I used the 2.4 key happy days with both ignition barrels
  2. Ok as the title I didn't know about the vin Coding until it was too late. I bought my first Volvo S40 T5 earlier this year a few months ago it was written off in an accident I love the car so much how it drove and the performance plus just the look of it etc etc I wanted to get another one so I started looking for a replacement body that I could drop the T5 and 6 speed manual gearbox into and get back to where I was enjoying the S40. I found a nice clean s40 with a blown motor low kilometres snapping it up for a few hundred dollars very cheap took it home and proceeded to do the engine swap when it was all good done this is wheb i found out about the VIN coding that these volvos have. Well I've completed conversion along with fitting a GT 3582r turbo external wastegate 3 inch dump pipe large front mount intercooler and intercooler piping to suit did a full manual conversion on the car as it was in Auto as well only to find out that I bought an incompatible vehicle I bought a s40 2.4 . Anyway the full conversion was done everything pluged in hooked up the lot ready to go hit the key see what happens ok , the reds come on the fuel pump primes up , vacuum pump turned, on power steering pump primed up lines I got out I checked the fuel pressure at the fuel rail plenty of fuel pressure everything is working power everywhere but it won't Crank anyone done this conversion successfully what does anyone know how to make it start it almost seems like if you jump started it across the back terminals on starter motor which is pretty hard to do the way they are sitting out with the big insulated between it not simple like the old Fords and the like I'm almost tempted to buy either a toggle or a push button wire it to the ground and positive sides on the starter motor just to get it crankyn because I almost feel like it will start as it has power to everything else just no cranking power to the starter motor what could be in the coding that stops the power getting to the starter motor to start cranking it's one simple wire the other two are the terminal leads from the battery positive and earth the wire with spade clip attachment is the one that's stopping it from cracking it's the one that gives starter solenoid the right to goa. anyhelp would be great as I gone way to far now this project let's say to scrap it and go again please people any ideas out there to help would be much appreciated