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  1. Hi guys! I am learning about CAN and the goal is to reverse engineer some CAN message so I could program some custom gages or use steering wheel buttons in a raspberry pi based infotainment system. So I bought a cheap knock-off ELM327 OBD reader (not knowing it was not really suitable for CAN) and did some research. A couple days ago I installed a linux driver that turned the ELM327 into a best effort CAN device. I did some CAN sniffing/dumps (on v50 1.6D) which worked for a few minutes and then crashed. This is not my main problem, my main problem is that a few times my dash turned into a Christmas tree, I got warnings of brake failures and my engine stopt working (the only thing that I heard working was the oil pump). After opening and closing my door everything went back to how it's supposed to. Now my question is why did this happen? Is it just because of the cheap OBD reader which interfered with the can network, is it a volvo thing? And which device should I use for CAN sniffing? Also any reading material or tips are always welcome. thanks in advance, PJ