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  1. Trying to progress the poor heat and suspect my CCM is not working correctly. When I select any heat position and AUTO, the air conditioning bursts into life. What does yours do ?
  2. My 2005 V70 often does this when parked with the wheels on full lock. Then goes into "Anti skid temporally off". Then it resets after 20 yards, and all is fine. I just live with it, like all the other problems it has.
  3. First post here, previously on VOC. Currently trying to diagnose why I have no heat at all, and I mean it is stone cold. But that will probably be another post. While trying to solve the above, I have come across several stories of the CCM being allegedly damaged by incorrectly reconnecting the battery. I do this regularly to top up the battery and just place the battery terminals back on with no key in. Having said that I now have a freezing car and when I press the CCM auto button, with heat selected, it switches on the dam air conditioning and makes the car even colder. What