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  1. lalallalaa. drruuuuuuuuuuuuunjk. man, but that was the best road head ive ever had. haahaha. god damn. see yall nigg4z tomorrowww!
  2. Damn dude, congrats on doing what a lot of us dream about. Haha... I want to see her in action later down the road.
  3. Your car darked out > light scheme. Sexy! I'll post a couple later. Gotta go to school.
  4. DEFINITELY not feelin the running boards. Everything else looks A-OK though.
  5. I do like the wheels, usually I prefer them in a darker color but that sets it off like no other!
  6. Man, I need to make an Antlia club! :lol:
  7. See man IMO that silver looks just plain-jerk cheap! It would be better if you painted the middle silver too.. To match the sides... But those colors don't match at all. But do YOU like it? :)
  8. Very nice car. Almost looks like a mini little spaceship. Oh and I wouldn't do the surrounds silver. Black flows nice with the car as it is. If anything, I would repaint them a glossier or darker black!
  9. Maybe I will tomorrow. The car's in the shop right now. Gosh, I feel like a DSM guy saying that. :lol:
  10. My CEL comes on while sitting in one spot too long, twice now with the car on A/C going. Any ideas to why this might be happening? It usually takes about 5 minutes. I searched but there's way too much going on w/ the results so I'm gonna continue and maybe I'll find another thread with a similar problem lol...
  11. This thread has turned into a giant shitfest...
  12. lol expect you to pat me on the back? I wasn't expecting anything from you. Have a sense of humor. Are you OK? Are you going to cry because my Volvo went through mud? Just do yourself a favor and stay out of my thread. And where do you get off posting someones phone number online? That's pretty low... I don't frequent these boards much but already you are a bad impression.
  13. Wow. Some people on this site are biotches.. Haha.
  14. Are you retarded? I am not going to smash it into a wall, and even if I did, I have the right to post pics up regardless of what you think. Stop getting all choked up about what I do, why does it bother you so much? No one is forcing you to click this thread and reply. And obviously your reading comprehension isn't up, I said PERFORMANCE parts by that I mean aftermarket parts... Nothing was broken, it was mud and water. Now I'm done arguing with you, because I know that I could get banned on this site for any little thing...