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  1. Got completely new 609 bin and the value at 0xC8ED is 0x76 (118) decimal, not 0x79 as you described. Value at 0xC8FC changes from 00 to 01 when flag is applied. Fault code remains, but no CEL. Do I even have the correct bin? There are two bins at m4.4 wiki and I've tried them both. Been hunting a mysterious fault at idle for a couple of days now when using 608 bin. Today was a success and got that event logged. All in all everything is good at volvoland and suddently it pulls timing -2 degrees idle becomes unstable, my wideband goes grazy (afr dives to sub 10s'). The event lasts 1.2 seconds and in that time timing is pulled from ALL cylinders, not just one. No indication of knocking whatsoever or any other paranormal activities.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. Didn't touch 0xC8ED, have to check that. Oh I forgot to reply this YES it worked, no more realterm witchery With 608 bin yesterday the car went nuts. To this date everything had been fine but yesterday the STFT, LTFT_I and LTFT_PL went all over the place. STFT was -25% so it was "drowning" from fuel. One could smell the excess fuel burning in the exhaust. Adjusted the part load map a little and it got a little better but it didn't make any sense since all has been fine to this day. Revert back to my B-revision (my last functional map) and fired up the car. It was a little unstable at first but settled after a few mins and all is well again. I have absolutely no idea what caused the issue. Difference between my C and B revisions were the TCV duty and TL maps, which should't affect idle as far as I unterstand
  3. Finally had the change to try this. With flag parameter it still throws a fault code that the VolFRC sees, but no CEL. With scalar both fault code and CEL is present. What does the flag param. excatly do? Kill the CEL? This helped. Now the logging rate is at ~15Hz
  4. With this at least the value in the hexdump changed (was 00 now it's 01). Though not with the flag but with scalar. Still haven't tried this since I live somewhere else in relation to where the car is at. Maybe in the weekend. Logging wise there isn't an option besides the 608 bin? Of course I could copy all the LPT maps from the 609 bin to 608 but I have a gut feeling there's more to it. Or could it be that simple
  5. Thanks, have to try that. With the 608 the car "feels" less responsive than with 609 at low revs. And no wonder, left the tcv and target loads "as is" but upon comparing the maps one could actually see why it's less responsive. Duh btw love your work on your 850 awd Images attached
  6. Got the maf sorted, there was a leak under the idle control valve. Now maf is reading ~15kg/hr at idle after warm up cycle is completed. Also the send "l" (lowecase L) command for the logging in tunerpro won't work. Have to send the logging commad via realterm but that's no biggie. What really bothers me is that the data logging rate is reeeeeaaaalllly slow. When the engine is off the data rate is ok, around 20Hz but when I start the engine the data rate drops to around 2Hz. All the usb drivers are up to date, baud rates ect are ok. Could it be the windows? I'm using win10
  7. Now that I've cleared my head everything is quite simple. Modified the 609 bin since I have an LPT but it threw faulty wiring code between aw50 and m4.4. Funny actually since the car is manual. Tried this: Sounds great, didn't work. Codes came up still. Then I ditched the 609 bin and went for the 608 bin, copy/pasted the VE and ignition tables + did some other stuff and voilá! It threw codes from the accelerometer, tank pressure sensor and from the outside temperature sensor. Disabled those, new flash and now completely code free. Idling fine with 613cc injectors. Got some weird readings from the maf though.. At idle 9.6kg/hr have to double check everything tomorrow..
  8. Which bins in the Wiki are updated with @venderbroeck's mods? Are they updated at all since 2013? Or is there even a such bin available in general? I know some have gotten their bins directly from @venderbroeck or from @Piet but it's a bit of a long shot since @venderbroeck is last seen ~2 year ago. And if I've interpreted correctly the mods are only for 607/608 bins? Or rather on the 608 since a +150 pages earlier it was a "common agreement" to ditch the 607 bin and focus on the 608. And from that I can lead to my car which is -97 850 2.4T AWD and I'm currently running 0 261 204 457 ecu with 609 bin. Nothing fancy changes on the bin -yet. Just injectors which are 613cc (stock ones where at 100% duty cycle at wot). Other mods to the car are 15G, 3" Dp + 2.5" catback and E85. I'm also little bit baffled about he wideband. I know about the +0.2V offset because of the microprocessor, but which widebands ground I have to connect to A28 (A18 is a nogo, A19 is little bit better but A28 is the one above all..?), the cars rear or my external wb edit: my wb is Innovate PLX Gen4 with bosch LSU 4.9 sensor