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  1. ahah.. if you want to squint your eyes to see it, go for it.. there are pics of the plates all over the place from both of my cars, I was just bored and started making boxes.. :D
  2. Thanks, I appreciate it. Added a pic from the front for ya, since you are the only other person on the board who likes the car :lol:
  3. -Painted my rear reflectors, 3rd brake light and side markers flat black. They are 100% black when not lit up and still appear normal when on. -Cleaned it up some -Installed a few new parts -Took a few pics of it: .. my little "POS" I have a drop for it, just havent gotten around to installing it. They will be tucked nicely afterwards ;)
  4. I dont have any more, I will PM them to you when I go out and take some ;)
  5. Nope, its not a volvo so i dont want to waste any space. Thanks though :D
  6. yesyesyeyseyesyesyesyes!!! to BMW, please. :lol:
  7. Man.. I would have to say that I come in the News section more than a lot of the guys, but I never knew that there was the little converter to chose what size pixels you want either the height or width.. Ive been trying to use photobucket's resize tool and the only thing that is the correct size for the sig is the avatar option..
  8. oh god no! my eyes. pleasepleasepleaeplseapapaplease ditch the volvo logo, why debadge the car when you are going to add 5 more hideous ones to the front. I admire your creativity but am typing with my eyes closed.