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  1. So the problem came back last night again, I have now switched the regular bulbs back to halogens and completely unplugged the high beams, on the second startup, the lights just suddenly started working again, I'll see tonight if it happens again, because there is a loud relay clicking that sounds like it's coming from behind the dash board
  2. I got the Sylvania h7 led as my main headlights, I'll see if putting the old high beam bulbs back in works Also can't touch the DRL screw since it's capped due to it being a Canadian model Edit: the lights just started working again this morning, in all 3 modes (walking lights, position 2 and when the car has started) I'll see if they work tonight and if they do, I won't turn on my high beams, as I have a feeling that is the main culprit
  3. Hello, my 2000 Volvo S70 low beams have decided they no longer want to illuminate, I replaced them last year with LED's and had no problems at all with them, until tonight when they decided to hyper flash and not work at all. I was forced to pull the high beam stock all the way home, when I got home I checked out the fuses and none were blown as far as I could tell with my multimeter, I also checked the battery just in case and it had 12.6 volts. I didn't go further because can't see anything under the hood due to it being 3 in the morning, yet I noticed the illuminate feature when you turn off the car and pull the highbeam stock, it would just click a relay repeatedly and not keep the low beams on, yet when the key is in position 2, the low beams and high beams all work perfect. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I will also add a couple things I forgot, I installed new high beams aswell and had the burnt bulb warning start flashing on the dash but never had any problems or flashing of the physical lights, both high and low beam My car is a Canadian model so I cannot touch the DRL screw due to laws and regulations, so my low beams are on all the time