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  1. Hey everyone, I have a 2004 s60 2.5t awd auto trans, while coming home from work this week I came to a stop sign, as I pulled away from the stop, about 3 feet in I suddenly started coasting backwards. All gears may as well be neutral. Didn't feel or hear any odd sounds etc it just happened. Didn't see any pieces on the ground. Transmission has shifted perfectly since I've had it, no flares or slips like my 02 2.4t had. Coasted it back into a driveway and had a buddy winch it on a trailer an haul it home. Upon jacking her up, I can spin the driveshaft by hand easily, rear wheels don't move while doing so. When you attempt to put it in park, makes a horrendous grinding sound as if you slammed it into park while driving. I basically have 7 neutrals.