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    I love cars (duh), surfing, skating, and all other things i can act crazy in or on or durring. I run for fun and love music.

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  1. Ouch.... Well I knew that seeing a volvo in a mag as the featured tune was too good to be true.... now when people find out that it poped in a short time.... haha i agre you gota pay to play!
  2. so call me a retard but what is the goal here/wtf is wiki....
  3. I dunno man for those of us in FL goen to the Basement is pretty Darn near impossible.... :ph34r:
  4. sucks... i at a curb at 55 when i had a blowout around a turn... so if thats any condolence... haha shitty luck man
  5. ill paypal the cash tonight if you get me an adress to sent the cash to... call me 904 612 5988 and ill send it
  6. I know thts... i just was wondering if someone knew about those particular lights... (THEY GLOW ANY AND ALL COLORS>>>> haha) but the head light ones i want blue. My car is only driven once in a while. I have a few and this is the one i like the most. ight thanks for the imput
  7. I wana instal LEDs into my head lights kinda like this but blue. I will also be putten Blue lights EVERYWHERE. So would anyone be able to tell me what leds to buy and wana spend a weekend drinken some beers and installen them? Ight thanks. I also wana put leds under the car. I like this kit because all lights hook up to the same unit. Do you think they would be bright enough? Please dont delete link... That is a store. They have unlimited quantity. I just need opinions on quality. So would anyone be able to tell me what leds to buy and wana spend a weekend drinken some beers and installen them?
  8. the price from erie was 300 for either one... same part #... But honestly what gains would be seen ??? and would a full turbo back with a 19t benifit from this???
  9. I was just quoted 300 with no shippen for that part.... ummm what must i say to recieve said price?
  10. My body is tellen me to get back in bed... but my ass is tellen me not to stray away from the toilet... Fuck you Moe's 5$ mondays.... Doesnt go well with beer and smoke... Woa there it is again PEACE