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  1. Hello all, Recently had to replace the read, rebuild the engine and do a few other assorted repairs; went to check if everything was fine right (it was besides one small leak) and the state would only click. Replaced the starter as I figured it was most likely the solenoid, out everything back together the way I took it apart, and now there's nothing. Lights and everything turn on full, all the electrical is working as it should except the starter, so I don't think it's the battery or connections directly from it I'm thinking it may be a connection, (hands were oily putting it all back together), a plug that I inadvertently removed without realizing, or a fuse. (17 was never there to start, and I can't tell if A3 went or not). Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix it? I don't have any test readers it anything besides an OBDII (only codes that come up is a transmission error from when the battery is low, but that was cleared up after a while on the charger and is semi-regular in cold weather; has never attended starting before) Thanks to all in advance, I hope I explained everything well enough. This is genuinely concerning as this is my daily vehicle
  2. That'd be awesome! Honestly I'm planning on redesigning the bumper sometime eventually, but various would be pretty solid. Turned down the bumper without them for cost haha
  3. Bumper came in faster than I expected! All I need now are a couple coats of paint, will be done as soon as the weather warms up
  4. I think I may have uploaded then wrong, still getting used to the platform lol (also apologies for the delayed response I've been Mia for a bit)
  5. Took a bunch of pics... This one hid the broken bumper the most so it's the one I'm posting lol
  6. Bumped a snow bank, shattered my bumper earlier in the year. Not feeling great about it, though I do have a replacement coming in the mail and a few bits from a junkyard. Bumper isn't painted, but I'll be repainting the whole car black when the funds are available. New fenders from a green (I think? Or brown idk I'm color blind) s70, plus a few other parts from it. Fixed my center console and cup holders as the leather was aged and the cup holders were cracked
  7. As the weather gets colder in my area, I've been looking for a way to keep the engine relatively warm as I can't bring my car into a garage. I've found a block heater that'll work for a 1998 S70 on the OEM Volvo site, though I'd like some input from the community before purchasing something. I'm not getting a notification that part #9488604 won't fit, so I'm thinking I should be good in that regard. If anyone has other suggestions, though, I'm all ears! Thanks in advance!
  8. jeeze, i feel like a new parent right now taking pictures of practically everything... anyway, she got some canadian weather : ) So far, the chill hasnt been too bad. I do need to get a longer extendo cord tho Need some practice with the camera settings, its a process... deffo a new parent
  9. Thanks! i probably will when i start messing with the suspension (looking to go magnetic but im having trouble finding a set thatll fit); only issue is that i'll be working on the street. dont want to put a tool through a window XD
  10. wanted to throw my car in here, thanks RobT5M for showing me this thread : ) mostly stock, though i did make a custom exhaust and intake. had the turbo rebuilt, with a gauge installed and a new system tune. Generally just messing around though, so far its been pretty fun. Haven't thrown any wrenches yet which is nice
  11. threw on my winters, old tires and hub caps are now acting as furniture in my house ; )
  12. still learning how this format works lol, posting this again as an entry rather than about Purchased my S70 a couple months ago as a daily, recently started modifying it while it holds that job. it's been interesting, to say the least. So far, ive added a custom exhaust, rebuilt turbo with an analog gauge, and fixed the odd dents acquired over time. Currently rocking a spray can red paint job to prevent rust over winter, which will be polished to a consistent shine... eventually. Photo from closer to the purchase date